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A few weeks ago, Actors’ strike in Hollywood ends. This, finally, then SAG-AFTRA And the big studios will agree on one of the key points: Use of artificial intelligence in products.

And that’s it The use of this technology and its complications cause much debate, In and out of the entertainment industry. This is what inspired a new column by Jose Bustamante, from the podcast No Sabe Nada, who came to Un Pais Generoso to talk about it. A science fiction series in which technology becomes a problem for humans.

A science fiction series where technology is a problem

Black glass

probably, Science fiction series in this list, Black glass All are well knowns. A A dystopian anthology seriesOne, each episode envisions a future where technology has become a protagonist in everyday life.

Although each chapter is different and many themes are explored, The risks of technology to humans always seem to be a central consideration. You can see it Netflix.

Western world

Another of the iconic sci-fi series that warns of the complications of technology Western world. The HBO show explores themes of dark desire and the like The limits people can go to when there are no consequences.

Westworld - Official Trailer - Warner Bros. UK

Western world It follows a world where androids are equal to humans, able to feel no pain, fulfill all the wishes of the subjects paying millions of dollars. You can see it HBO Max.


One of 2022’s most acclaimed series explores the dangers of technology in everyday life. Talking about separation, A show starring Adam Scott It is set in a dystopian future where workers exist They can separate your mind from work and your personal life.

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Separation — Official Trailer |  Apple TV+

Thus, two identities are created. One knows only his work, another knows only his life without work. However, they will soon figure it out There is something dark about this experimental technology. You can see it Apple TV+.

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