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Within the framework of technical meetings, the Seville fair will once again be the scene of the new edition of the LUZ Awards ceremony, which recognizes excellence in innovation, science and technology by companies, institutions and companies in the Andalusian digital sector. Organized by E-TIC, Cybersure and Human Smart Lab.

These meetings are integrated as a participatory event and a communication platform for companies and experts in the Andalusian technology, innovation and science sectors. Both the atmosphere and the flexible format of the event, after the award ceremony, participants can enjoy networking to share experiences and discover business opportunities that stimulate technological progress in Andalusia.

The current edition also includes collaborations from NTT Data, Allied Telesis, Huawei and T-Systems, Watchguard, INPRO, Vodafone, Cybernos Group, Innovasur, Galgus, COITTA/AAGIT, COITAOC and Bracelit.


Company Type:

4i Intelligent Intelligence: A pioneering company in the field of applied technology, focused on facilitating understanding between machines and humans through natural, robust and confidential interactions, for the benefit of our users.

The company has developed its own technology, an advanced dialogue system between humans and machines, which is multimodal, multilingual, multi-platform and locally managed, allowing for personal, robust and fluid interactions with robots and computers.

This technology finds various applications in the aerospace industry, contributing to its digital transformation and improving productivity and safety in production and quality control processes.

Type of innovation:

CanalSur Más: Canal Sur radio and television's OTT content portal represents a renewed door to the technology front. With this platform, RTVA revives its „A la Carte” digital service, highlighting the valuable audiovisual archive accumulated over the past three decades and providing a digital repository for the talents of the Andalusian audiovisual sector with the support of Canal Sur.

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Type of collaboration:

Seville City One: The southern metropolis of Seville City One emerges as an initiative aimed at promoting more efficient urban development, in line with the Seville capital's commitment to achieve climate neutrality by 2030.

This initiative is the result of a strategic alliance between key companies in the Spanish real estate sector. Its main objective is to highlight the important role of Seville and its metropolitan area, in close collaboration with the Seville City Council and the Junta de Andalucia. Its focus highlights the investment opportunities offered by Andalusian capital, underlining its many advantages for investors and its potential as an investment destination.

Sevilla City One seeks to position Seville as a global benchmark in sustainability, climate change, innovation and sustainable mobility. This recognition is based on the important contribution of the international poles of knowledge rooted in the city, the aeronautical sector (presence among the main space centers of the world), the science and technology sector (represented by places like Parque de la Cartuja) and education (with Seville universities positioning themselves among the world's university elite).

Type of Entrepreneur:

MiniFunKids: Digital platform created in Dos Hermanas, Seville under the direction of María Jesús Garrido Sánchez. After more than a decade of professional experience focused on stimulating children with developmental disabilities, Maria Jesus found in new technologies a valuable ally to address the motor, cognitive, emotional and educational needs of the little ones.

As a result of this work, they have developed specific tools for the stimulation and educational support of children, with the aim of improving the quality of life and the learning process.

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Company Type:

Port of Huelva: Port of Huelva is one of the main maritime trade centers in Spain and one of the most relevant in Europe. In recent years, he has led the implementation of technologies and strategies to promote innovation and digitization in the port and logistics sector at a national level.

LUZ Awards Special Note:

The Cardujá Science and Technology Park is the center of innovation in Seville. The campus houses 557 companies and startups, along with academic and research institutes, and offers a wide range of cultural and recreational activities.

Over three decades, the park has become a benchmark in technology and innovation. Emerged as a pioneering model for the reuse of a space after a global exhibition, it now has impressive numbers: 557 companies, more than 29,000 employees and a turnover reaching 4.49 billion euros. This economic success accounts for 9.77% of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of the province of Seville and 2.36% of the GDP of Andalusia.

Person of Special Mention:

Lola Carranza Sánchez: Lola Carraza, Digital Law and Technological Business Area at Montero | Aramburu Abogados receives recognition for its contribution to the promotion of digital transformation in Andalusia in collaboration with various companies and organizations.


E-ICT Technological Meetings is a meeting point structured as a communication and business platform in a participatory, flexible and practical space where the main agents of the Andalusian ICT sector share experiences and projects related to the technological advancement of Andalusia. Coordinated as an opportunity to strengthen relationships with regular clients, identify business opportunities, stay up-to-date with developments in the Andalusian ICT sector and expand and strengthen communication networks among ICT professionals. These tech meetups are organized by Cybersure and the Human Smart Lab, and promoted by businesswomen Victoria Cabrera and Carmen Bernaldez.

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