Zacua Ventures has launched a new fund dedicated to construction technology

Zacua Ventures has launched its initial US$56 million fund aimed at investing in early-stage construction industry technology companies, backed by 19 of the largest companies in the sector. The partner group includes construction management software provider Procore; Volvo, a manufacturer of trucks, buses and construction equipment; and Cemex, one of the world's leading cement companies.

Commenting on the investment in the fund, David Hangren, Investment Director at Volvo Group Venture Capital, said: “Jagua Ventures provides early access to emerging leading companies in the construction industry. Through collaboration, we hope to connect with more sophisticated players with innovative solutions that can make the construction industry more efficient and sustainable.

For her part, Margarita de la Peña, investment lead of Zacua Ventures Latam, said, „It is important to improve communication between all actors, from investors, corporates, accelerators, technology centers, to startups, to increase the visibility and adoption of technologies. In construction.

Margarita de la Peña.

With global operations, Zacua Ventures has access to the latest technological developments in each region and its construction technology sub-segments. According to de la Peña, „What we're looking for are technologies with three key focuses for the construction industry: productivity, sustainability and urbanization solutions.”

This reflects Zacua Ventures' commitment to finding solutions that not only improve construction efficiency, but also promote more sustainable practices and contribute to urban development.

Zacua Ventures has so far invested strategically in over a dozen pioneering companies in the construction technology sector and seeks to double the number of investments with this first fund. Based in Mexico City, de la Pena seeks to increase the fund's presence in Latin America and contribute to the development of the Contech ecosystem in the region.

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Currently the company is betting on startups like DocumentCrunch, EcoWorks, Field Materials, Sidewire, Rise Robotics, Mercator.i, Flexnode, Outbuild, Concrete4Change, Conxai, Pathways and Constructs. moment.

Construx is an Ecuador-based startup enabling the construction materials marketplace for Latin America, digitizing suppliers and building the largest material base in the region, currently serving Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Ecuador, Mexico and Peru.

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