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Although currently We save Most of our data in the cloud, drives USB are still widely used to store important data such as E. Signature from Finance Secretary, for example. However, it should be kept in mind that USB flash drives They don’t save your files forever.

According to an article in Institute of Electronic Engineers (IEEEAccording to its summary in English), The USB flash drives Thanks to them hitting the market in 2000 A Trek 2000 company from Singapore.

Its storage capacity and portability They made them more popular, gradually replacing 3.5-inch floppy disks.

How long does a USB last?

However, like other everyday items, USB flash drives Their tenure is limited. Expertise on site ADSL zone technology Explains that over time, the guarantee that your data will remain secure diminishes.

Almost any USB drive has a lifespan of 10 years by certain standards, so if you’ve stored photos or other important information on one of these tiny drives, be very careful because you could lose them overnight.„, they explain in a video shared on their account TikTok.

They refer to the issue of Backups Our information has always been a complex subject, but at the same time easy to solve.

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Tips for keeping your USB flash drives in good condition

to avoid Data lossWe recommend implementing them Backup copies of your information. Create multiple copies and store your data on different devices. Additionally, it is important to review yourself USB Periodically to make sure they are working properly.

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Keep yours usb sticks Following some steps like using “ optionReturn safely„When disconnecting your unit from Computer. Avoid editing files directly remember; Download them, modify and save again.

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Don’t leave USB Connected to you Computer Permanently, it causes constant wear and tear. Finally, avoid revealing yourself usb sticks At high temperatures, it can permanently damage them.

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It is best to store your devices in a cool place. Remember that you are USB memory stick It doesn’t keep your files forever, so don’t forget to back up your data regularly.

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