Xieta goes back to Cersaie with its technology

One of the companies specializing in the field of technical solutions for ceramic manufacturing, Xieta European Technology SA, is in its 40th edition CerseiIt announces the latest news about its productsFocuses on both raw material milling processes and digital inks. For the company, this is an opportunity to showcase its innovations at the forum, which is expected to attract manufacturers and employees from around the world. Improve your manufacturing processes.

with commercial headquarters AfterXieta specializes Development, Manufacturing and Supply of Alumina Grinding Media, Especially high density spheres and coatings (XT92) For grinding in ceramic, raw materials and mining industries. Its composition includes a minimum of 92% calcined alumina and a grinding medium with a density of 3.7 g/cm3, the highest in the market, which gives them optimal wear and durability.

They offer a from Xieta Wide range of sizes for all types of plants and applications, thus providing versatile solutions to specific problems and needs. „Particularly noteworthy is the consistency in the quality of our manufacturing processes, which are subject to strict controls in both manufacturing and distribution,” the technology company said.

Since its inception as a company, quality of its products and internationalization have been two of the hallmarks of its DNA. They pioneered the production of alumina balls and coatings in Spain, and still do today Warehouses in Barcelona and Onda Supply and distribution to customers in more than 40 countries worldwide.

At Xieta they are also pioneers in manufacturing Nanobeads AZ. These are alumina microspheres formulated for the most demanding grinding in high-speed plants. AZ Nanobeads replace traditional zirconia grinding media due to their superior performance and significant reduction in grinding costs.

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It should be noted that in the ceramic industry they are used specifically for grinding digital ceramic inks, but any industrial company using high-speed mills where nanometric grinding levels are sought is a potential end consumer.

There is Xieta Since 1995 An example of excellence in the production and distribution of products for industry in general, with a special focus on ceramics. In addition to its facilities in Spain, it has infrastructure in Poland, Brazil, Argentina and China, and distributes to more than 40 countries worldwide.

with the help of Xieta to the Bologna Fair located in Hall 33, Stand A5It expands its activity to disseminate its findings and continues the trend carried out since its foundation and re-approved this year.

The calendar started at the end of February with the international exhibition Are you listening?, in which he presented his new products for the year. Also, the company stood out by participating in the event SimaAt Almazora, various companies associated with the mechanical sector showcased their new applications within the facilities. Keraget.

Attending fairs had a satisfactory presence of visitors, based on the number of people and the interest expressed in the various options in the Xieta market. Some of the options now shown at Cersaie are shown as a basic meeting point for the sector, and more durable options are shown to guarantee maximum quality and tight costs in the manufacturing process. One of particular interest in the context of needing to control costs and increase competitiveness. With nearly three decades of experience, the company is poised to contribute to an industry across the globe and with a high level of technology.

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