B-boy Victor and B-girl Nika Paris win world titles to claim 2024 quota spots

Youth trumps experience in women’s finals

There was a surprise in the last 16 round-robin stage as reigning women’s champion B-Girl. Amy Both went out 671 European Games silver medalist of People’s Republic of China and Ukraine Stephanie Advances at its own expense.

Ayumi defeated Stephanie 2-0 in the quarter-finals before defeating another Ukrainian B-Girl. CatIn the semi-finals.

671 French B-Girl falls Sissy In the quarter finals both women showed off an array of power moves.

The Chinese came out strong but faded to concede the second round, and five of the nine judges gave him the win.

But Sissi fell to fellow 16-year-old Nika in the semi-finals, with the Lithuanian winning the first two rounds before dropping out in the final. Sissy had some consolation as she beat Kate to finish third and establish herself as the hosts’ big hope for Paris 2024.

As usual with three rounds in the semi-finals and finals, the Japanese Ayumi found her stamina wearing thin against her young rival as she took the first round but dropped the next two.

„Ayumi is definitely more experienced than me, but when you walk on stage, you forget everything,” Nika said. „You forget how old you are, how much experience you have, you just go and do your best. So when I got on stage, I just let go of all thoughts and thought, 'Let’s go, I can do it’.”

Nika, real name Dominika Banevic, fell to the ground in joy after the 2-1 victory.

The European champion was mobbed by friends and his mother as he clinched his biggest win in Paris 2024 and with it a quota place for his country.

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As National Olympic Committees have exclusive authority over the representation of their respective countries at the Olympic Games, athletes’ participation in the Paris Games will depend on their NOC to represent their representatives at Paris 2024.

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