WWE Superstar Replaces LA Knight vs. Roman Reigns at Crown Jewel 2023? Explores the Major Swerve

WWE teased a potential match between LA Knight and Roman Reigns at Crown Jewel 2023 on the SmackDown season premiere this week. Since then, many in the WWE Universe have had mixed opinions about this clash between the two. While most are excited, there’s a chance fans won’t get to see Knight Reigns.

In the lead up to Crown Jewel, WWE could book an angle where a Bloodline member takes out Knight weeks before the event. With the outcome of the match at stake, and Reigns without an opponent, John could avenge Knight and pay back what he did to him at Fastlane 2023.

While the angle is purely speculative, considering that John Cena is advertised for Crown Jewel 2023, he has yet to be booked for the match. Another reason the story could work is that by booking this match, WWE won’t affect LA Knight’s current run. Also, by facing Cena and beating him, Reigns could be branded as the new GOAT on SmackDown.

Reports suggest the Stamford-based promotion will book Reigns to break records unseen in generations, with a win over Cena at Crown Jewel possibly being the start. While it may not be the best decision to keep Knight away from Saudi, from this point of view, it works well. Knight can come with John ringside if necessary. It will be interesting to see if anything like that happens.

WWE legend John Cena is also rumored to face a Bloodline member in the Crown Jewel.

On this week’s SmackDown, fans were disappointed when John Cena told Roman Reigns that he didn’t have a chance to face him right now, and fans were disappointed that they wouldn’t be able to see the 16-time world champion compete in the Crown Jewel. However, this is far from the truth and there is nothing to worry about.

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While John Cena doesn’t have a clear opponent yet, WWE has promoted the legendary figure for the premium live event. According to rumours, the Stamford-based promotion is looking to book a match between Cena and Bloodline member Solo Sikova at the PLE in Saudi Arabia.

In the coming weeks, WWE is expected to develop a storyline involving Cena and Chikova. In the current situation, with the frequent minor skirmishes between Cena and Chikova, a rivalry between the two makes perfect sense. This will give The Enforcer a big boost in Stamford-based advertising.

However, before thinking about a match between the two, we need to see how the entire storyline unfolds on SmackDown. Whether facing John Solo or Roman Reigns, the 16-time world champion can expect a huge pop when he enters Saudi Arabia.

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