WWE Raw Results, Winners and Rhea Ripley Returns Ratings

WWE Raw after Money in the Bank was first Rhea Ripley is rumored to return Ahead of SummerSlam. With Liv Morgan and Dominic Mysterio teaming up in the main event, Monday night in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada seemed like the perfect place.

During a backstage segment, Damien Priest answered a phone call asking, „Where are you?” All signs pointed to Ripley being the caller, and that’s exactly what happened when Ripley returned in the main event to face Liv Morgan. WWE SummerSlam is just around the corner, and Dom’s loyalty is still strongly in question after one of its biggest matches pitting Ripley against Morgan.

WWE Raw promoted the return of CM Punk, who opened the show with a face-off with Seth Rollins. Rey Mysterio and Jelena Vega Vs. Raw also promoted a juicy main event featuring Liv Morgan and Dominic Mysterio.

Last week’s broadcast of WWE Raw drew 1.878 million viewers.

WWE Raw results on July 8, 2024

  • Jey Uso def. Sat cable
  • Bronson Read dep. Pete Dunne
  • Judgment Day def. Braun Strowman and the Amazing Truth
  • Ilya Dragunov is the proof-breaker by final disqualification
  • Damage CTRL def. Kayden Carter, Katana Sans and Lyra Valkyria
  • Liv Morgan and Dominic Mysterio vs. Jelena Vega and Rey Mysterio

WWE Raw Ratings

  • July 1, 2024 | 1.878 million
  • June 24, 2024 | 1.814 million
  • June 17, 2024 | 1.747 million
  • June 10, 2024 | 1.609 million
  • June 3, 2024 | 1.679 million

WWE Raw Ticket Sales

  • WWE Source Location: Canadian Tire Center (Ottawa, ON)
  • WWE Raw Tickets Distributed: 8,432
  • WWE Raw Tickets Available: 219

WWE Raw Winners and Grades

CM Punk and Seth Rollins face off

Although fans chanted for CM Punk, the reception was a bit frosty, perhaps because Canada is Kenny Omega territory. Winnipeg is almost a day’s drive from Ottawa.

CM Punk jumps on commentary as Seth Rollins makes his way to the ring. A solid exchange ensued between Punk and Rollins that was awkward at times.

Punk apologized profusely to Rollins, but their tensions were far from over.

Backstage, Seth Rollins told Damian Priest that he was very lucky (especially after forgetting to evict) on Saturday, but also very good. Damian tells Priest Rollins that he’s going to throw the gentleman’s agreement out the window. If Rollins wants the shot, he needs to name the spot.

Elementary Division Grade: B

Jey Uso def. Sat cable

Chad Cable was selling his ribs from last night’s Money in the Bank match as they were heavily taped. However, Gable lands a right to his ribs and goes for a flying pillow.

Cable was distracted by the appearance of The Wyatt Six. This opened the door for Jey Uso to spear and win. After the win, Dave Meltzer deuces and bolts from the ring, running from debating with his peers on Twitter.

After another great video set, Bo Dallas/Mama Howdy teased the arrival of The Wyatt Six, and Chad Cable assumed they were coming for him. I think it’s clear that Wyatt Sixx is coming for Jey Uso, just as he has been for Jey in every segment they’ve appeared in.

Backstage, Bo Dallas appears in Adam Pearce’s office.

Jey Uso vs. Chad Cable Grade: B

Bronson Reid def. Pete Dunne

Bronson previously went head-to-head with Reed during an on-stage segment. Sheamus challenged Reed to a match, but Reed declined as he faced Sheamus’ old Brawling Bruts stablemate Pete Dunne. Remember that?

Michael Cole announced that Pete Dunn’s tag team partner Tyler Bate was eliminated, which did not bode well for Dunn’s singles career on the crowded Raw roster.

Dunne suffered the loss after an impressive tsunami from Reid. Ever the storyteller, Pete Dunne shoved Sheamus as the Celtic Warrior went to celebrate with him. Michael Cole talked about the story of Sheamus leaving The Brawling Brutes out to dry.

Bronson Reid vs Pete Dunne Grade: B

Sami counters Zayn with a prone breaker

Sami Zayn is interrupted by the Prone Breaker after a long silence. It looks like Prone Breaker has new theme music. Unfortunately, it’s still in the middle.

Breaker looked like Sami was going to congratulate Zayn on his victory, only to spear Sami mid-sentence. Breaker then hits a 360 Spear on Zayn.

Breaker is confronted by Ilja Dragunov, and Breaker says „I’m so scared!” He said sarcastically and clapped his hands.

Sami Zayn and Braun Breaker Division: A-

Judgment Day Def. Braun Strowman and the Amazing Truth

Judgment Day hit the awesome truth in the middle of their entrance music, which I considered a favor to Canada.

Finn Balor won the match with a Coup de Grace on R-Truth. Backstage, Dominic laid out Mysterio in a submission position on Liv Morgan at The Judgment Day. This led to the sequence of the night when the priest told Mysterio that staying away from Liv Morgan „wasn’t hard.” Carlito joked: „It seems too hard for me…”

The priest again teased Rhea Ripley’s arrival before the segment ended.

Judgment Day vs. The Amazing Truth and Braun Strowman Grade: B-

Sourcebreaker by Ilja Dragunov final match DQ

Initially there weren’t many fans of the match, but Ilja Draguno’s intensity made them say, „This is awesome!”

At the climax of the bout, Bran Breaker disqualified Draguno by driving an office chair into his face.

Sami Zayn attacked the ring, and during a brawl between Dragunov, Breaker, and Zayn, Breaker overpowered both of them while Michael Cole talked him down.

Ilya Dragunov vs. Source Breaker Grade: B

Damage CTRL Def. Katana Sans, Gaiden Carter and Lyra Valkyria

Before this match, there was once again an advertisement for Damage CTRL to replace Damage CTRL.

It was basically a spotfest, and even though the crowd wasn’t great, the girls worked hard and Cayden Carter did a good job getting them out.

After an entertaining series of dives, Damage CTRL won with an over the moonsault. Damage CTRL was then jumped by Zoey Stark, Shayna Baszler and the returning Sonya Deville. Deville returned backstage a few weeks ago in a soft opening, but this is his official grand opening.

It’s weird that Damage CTRL’s storyline is supposed to change that, and Money (for now) reintroduces Sonya Devil to attack them.

During a backstage promo with Joey, Shayna, and Sonya, the Creed Brothers are seen talking to Chad Cable.

Damage CTRL vs Sans, Carter and Valkyria: B-

Rhea Ripley returns

WWE announced that Drew McIntyre will return from suspension next week on Raw.

Fey Mysterio hits a low dropkick on Dome, causing him to land Liv in…groin first.

There were chants of „We want Mami” at the end of the match as the fans felt the arrival of Rhea Ripley.

Liv distracted the referee, opening the door for Dominic Mysterio to win the match with a frog splash on Rey Mysterio. Morgan jumped into Dom’s arms and as the two tried to kiss, Rhea Ripley came out. Wisely, Liv ran for her poor life. Dom wanted a hug, but Mami didn’t.

Dominic Mysterio and Liv Morgan vs. Rey Mysterio and Jelena Vega Grade: B+

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