WIVI signed an agreement with Jazz Vision to bring its technology to the group's optical network in Spain.

Through this alliance, the company's pioneering system, which achieves a 100% recovery rate for treated cases, can be implemented in the cooperative's extensive network of vision health centers with more than 100 optometrists in the national region.

WIVI Vision, a company that provides innovative solutions to improve vision and treat visual impairments both in diagnosis and subsequent recovery, has signed an agreement with Zas Visión to bring its technology to the group's optical network in Spain.

Through this agreement, Zas Vision, an optical cooperative company with more than 100 vision and hearing healthcare centers in our country, can incorporate the WIVI Vision solution based on advanced technologies including artificial intelligence, big data and technologies 3D. Gamification is distributed across the national territory in its network of opticians.

The Zas Visión group, a cooperative formed by independent opticians with more than 50 years in the field and in several Spanish provinces, will have access to the innovative 3D communication system. , objective and non-invasive.

On the patient side, this technology solution allows access to personalized training programs through WIVI's catalog of different video games, so they experience the treatment as a game and are motivated to complete it. Through its association with WIVI, Zas Vision reinforces its commitment to innovation and use of the most advanced technologies in the treatment of visual problems. The WIVI system represents an evolution of traditional visual assessment methods, improving the quality of life of people with visual impairments by providing scientific and technological solutions through a fun and non-invasive experience.

Ability to measure more than 100 parameters, with 100% recovery rate of treated cases

In addition, WIVI differentiates itself from other solutions on the market by providing clinical assistance to the expert who evaluates the capabilities of the visual system to provide objective data. This pioneering system has already achieved several milestones, including the ability to measure more than 100 parameters of five visual areas, a 100% treatment recovery rate, or the evaluation and design of a training program in 15 minutes or less.

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Eva García Ramos, CEO and co-founder of WIVI Vision: „This agreement represents a very important new boost for our solution development in Spain to help the optical sector. The support of Zas Visión is an example of the commitment of the best professionals in the optical sector to technology, which integrates visual capabilities into their business. Allowing and providing users with diagnosis and training in a fun, objective way.Patients recover within 3 months.

For the management of Zas Vision, the arrival of WIVI technology responds to the philosophy of integrating all its opticians into its network of partners, prioritizing the visual health of its patients above all. Thanks to this agreement with WIVI, ZAS VISIÓN opticians will have access to another helpful tool to improve the visual health of their patients.

Vision Rehab Technologies, Inc. is the exclusive distributor of WIVI Vision Technology in the United States. WIVI recently announced its international expansion plans after signing an agreement with (VRTI). The company plans to expand its presence across the country, with the aim of venturing into new countries in the coming years.

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