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Argentina is about to enter the era 5G technology, a service that promises to change the way we connect and communicate, and promises to return dollars to the national treasury. But what is 5G and how will it affect life in Argentina?

High speed download and transfer: With 5G, users can download a full HD movie in seconds or stream live content without waiting for it to load.

Seamless online gaming: For video game lovers, 5G guarantees lag-free online experiences.

Augmented and Virtual Reality: Augmented and virtual reality applications are no longer a thing of the future. Along with 5G, these technologies will provide high-speed experiences in fields such as education and entertainment.

IoT Connectivity (Internet of Things): 5G will power the Internet of Things, allowing billions of devices to interconnect, from smart cities to autonomous cars.

Next Tuesday, October 24, the national government will conduct an auction of frequency bands for the deployment, development and provision of fifth generation (5G) service through the National Agency for Communications (ENACOM). The auction is expected to generate around $1.05 billion in revenue.

The decision, promoted by Economy Minister Sergio Massa, will help shore up resources at times of high volatility in currency exchange rates.

Bidding will be conducted in the form of a „step-climbing auction” in which auction firms make successive offers, increasing in price with their proposals. At the end of the process, Movistar, Telecom and Claro will put their highest offers on the table and receive the license to operate 5G in Argentina. There are three modules in the frequencies from 3,300 to 3,600 MHz.

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A novelty in the process is that Telecentro did not participate from the Pierri Group, which initially showed interest in the auction. After discussions in the sector, the participation of the above mentioned three companies was confirmed.

The Argentine government has announced neutrality in the choice of technology for the development of 5G, which will allow successful companies to choose between Nokia and Huawei to acquire the necessary infrastructure. This decision reflects Argentina’s foreign policy and the interests of various global actors in the telecommunications sector.

Nokia and Huawei are two of the world’s leading 5G infrastructure providers, offering a wide range of solutions from base stations to network software.

Finnish provider Nokia is known for its expertise in the telecommunications industry. Although under scrutiny in some Western democracies, Chinese supplier Huawei stands out for its innovation and investment prowess.

In terms of global presence, Nokia has a strong presence in Europe and North America, while Huawei stands out in Asia and Africa.

The 5G deployment in Argentina will allow users to enjoy high-end services such as virtual reality, augmented reality, 4K and 8K video streaming, and Internet of Things applications. (IPO Agency Santa Cruz) With information from NA

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