Watch the trailer for the new Mokwai documentary 'If the Stars Had a Sound'

Mogwai has shared a trailer for their new documentary If the stars had sound. Check it out below.

Arriving yesterday (January 10), the new trailer comes as the first preview of an upcoming documentary about the Scottish band – which will follow them from their inception to the present day.

Cinematography and direction by Anthony Crook and production by Kyrie MacTavish (Super Special, Anna and Apocalypse) with Blazing Griffin and Adler Entertainment, the project is currently in post-production and is slated for release later this year.

A global debut is planned for spring If the stars had sound This March, it will be held at South by Southwest (SXSW) in Austin, Texas.

„Over 25 years of 10 studio albums – using raw sonic power mixed with subtlety and grace – Mogwai have defined their own musical genre and built a loyal following by staying true to their sound and true to their roots,” reads a press release. Documentary.

“The film takes us on a journey from the mid-1990s to the writing and rehearsing of their tenth studio album in 2020 in Glasgow, Scotland. „Even though it seemed impossible at first, they ended up making history with it.”

Check it out below.

The film is produced by Screen Scotland with funding from The National Lottery. The film was produced by Anthony Crook – acclaimed photographer and director, and longtime Mogwai collaborator – as well as Ray Black, Mark Thomas, Lauren Lamar and Orion Williams.

It covers live performances and pre-recorded tracks from the band's nearly 30-year career.

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“We are incredibly excited for people to see Anthony's film If the stars had sound. It originally started as a short film around leaving Scotland to record in upstate New York in early 2020, but everything changed when the pandemic hit,” said the project's Stuart Braithwaite.

“Both Anthony and I have persevered with the record and the film throughout the growing pandemic. Antony tells how we all came out on the other side. I think he's done something really great.

Crook added: „I've been lucky enough to work with Mogwai for a long time and I've always been inspired and inspired by their music. They've created an amazing body of work and their music means so much to so many people. It's a huge honor to have the opportunity to tell the band's story. I wanted to create a film that the band deserves.”

In other Mogwai news, last October Braithwaite recorded the guitars for her song 'Broken Promises' with Elizabeth Elektra. It's the title track from Elektra's EP, which came out back in November and featured a collaboration with Johnny Scott of Chvrches.

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