VP Amin heads the SE Sulawesi Islamic Economy and Finance Group

Kendari (Antara) – Vice President Maruf Amin on Thursday launched the Islamic Economy and Finance Committee (KDEKS) to stimulate Sharia economic development in Southeast Sulawesi province.

South East Sulawesi's KDEKS is the 25th regional group launched by Amin as the Chairman of the National Committee for Islamic Economics and Finance (KNEKS).

„Today, in Southeast Sulawesi, I launched the 25th KDEKS,” he said at a press conference in the city of Kentari in Southeast Sulawesi.

In his speech, the Vice President considered the newly appointed committee to be very instrumental in accelerating the country's Islamic economy and finance-friendly ecosystem.

KDEKS of Southeast Sulawesi, he said, is expected to become an engine that drives the province to achieve progress in the Islamic economy.

„The essence of a KDEKS is to create a Sharia economic environment in the homeland. The regional groups will stimulate Islamic economics in the regions. Without a regional group, the Sharia economy will not function optimally,” he said.

Amin then outlined his plan to open more KDEKS in other regions in an effort to accelerate the penetration of Islamic economics and financing in every corner of the country.

„Next week, we will start in West Kalimantan and North Sulawesi (KDEKS). We hope to be able to continue (the launches) until October. That way, all regions will host KDEKS,” he pointed out.

KDEKS is one of the necessary supporting infrastructures to create an Islamic economic environment in Indonesia.

As an institution, KDEKS acts as a catalyst expected to accelerate the Islamic economy and financial development in the regions, with the ultimate goal of making Indonesia a global center for the Halal industry.

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