Volcanic activity in the Pacific creates a new island near Japan’s Ayoto Island

Volcanic eruptions near the Pacific island of Ioto, also known as Iwo Jima, have created a new island, a Japanese expert says.

Meno Fukashi, an associate professor at the University of Tokyo’s Earthquake Research Institute, conducted an aerial survey of Ioto Island, part of the Ogasawara Island chain, on October 30.

About a kilometer off Ayoto’s southern coast, he noticed black plumes of rock rising out of the sea every few minutes.

He said the worms reached a height of more than 50 meters. He added that some of the rocks thrown into the air by the explosions were several meters in size.

Maeda suspects that steam explosions occur when magma interacts with seawater.

A round and black island about 100 meters in diameter formed north of the plumes, he said.

Mano said that the surface of the island is covered with rough rocks. He noted that rocks thrown up by eruptions piled up to form the island.

A volcanic vent has not been found on the small island, but pumice bands have been found floating around it. There has also been a significant change in the color of the sea water around the island.

Meno pointed out that explosions could occur at two or more locations.

He said there have been explosions in the area before. But the associate professor says it’s been a long time since volcanic activity there reached the point where the magma would form an island.

He said there are reports that the island is still expanding. He added that if eruptions continue, the small island is likely to expand.

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