VLC Tech X-perience offers full immersion in technology with over twenty projects

Valencia (EFE). VLC Deck More than twenty disruptive programs.

The initiative also plans informational and experiential workshops for children and adults on science and technology, particularly levitation and magnetism, or projecting maps in augmented reality.

The 'Valencia Game City’ also has space with leisure technologies such as simulators, augmented reality and games that are in high demand in the sector, and 3D workshops and introductory training in video game development are taught by Barrera.

Mayor of Valencia, Maria Jose CatalaValencia Activa visited a technology festival organized by the Council through VIT Emprendi and VLC Tech City.

Catala highlighted the talent: „We’re a city with technology and innovative entrepreneurs in its blood, and this festival’s attendees are proof that they’re completely immersed in technology.”

„It is the perfect showcase for Valencian technological and innovative entrepreneurs and the talent of our universities and technological institutions; and it is the connection point between the agents of the local innovation system and the citizens,” he said.

VLC Tech

Since next year Valencia will be the European Green Capital, in the first edition of this festival, people visiting the Town Hall Square will discover the VLC Green Capital space, where they will find workshops, programming related to sustainability and an exhibition of the various naturalization projects carried out in the city.

The festival includes an entertainment area where visitors can relax and attend presentations on stage or enjoy a DJ Set Tech session playing in virtual reality, as well as a gastronomic offer available.

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