CES 2024 Updates: Latest News, Gadget Launches From Tech’s Big Show

LAS VEGAS (AP) — Welcome to opening day of CES 2024. This is A multi-day trade event The Consumer Technology Association is expected to bring approximately 130,000 attendees and more than 4,000 exhibitors to Las Vegas. The latest advancements and gadgets in personal technology, transportation, healthcare, sustainability and more will be on display, with emerging applications of artificial intelligence everywhere you look.

The Associated Press will keep a running report of everything from the latest announcements to the weirdest smart gadgets we find interesting from the floor of CES.

Iron Man actor targets digital fraudsters

Robert Downey Jr He spent more than a decade battling villains on the big screen as „Iron Man.” Now, in his latest off-screen role as a board member and strategist at AI security startup Aura, Downey said at CES 2024 that he wants to fight digital fraudsters.

Aura is an online application that uses artificial intelligence to monitor and track accounts and help prevent digital crimes like fraud, hacks and identity theft. The company said at a panel on Tuesday that it will introduce a new AI feature that it says will help parents diagnose depression, anxiety and other issues by monitoring their children’s cell phone usage habits.

Downey said he was drawn to the company’s mission statement after his Instagram account was hacked in 2019.

„We’re all very busy in this information age,” he said, adding that he thought he was proactive in protecting his accounts and information before he was hacked. „But it’s nowhere near enough.”

MERCEDES-BENZ makes talking to your car an experience

Vadim Weiss, of Mercedes-Benz USA, gives a demonstration of the company’s in-car operating system, MBOS, during the CES technology show, Tuesday, Jan. 9, 2024, in Las Vegas. (AP Photo/Ryan Sun)

Mercedes-Benz unveiled several in-car tech upgrades at CES 2024, including an AI-powered virtual assistant that will soon roll out in its vehicles.

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The German automaker’s new cloud-connected AI-assistant boasts that it’s „natural, predictive, empathic and personal” as it personalizes interactions between drivers and their cars. The update will combine AI with additional functions for infotainment, automated driving, seating comfort and charging.

Mercedes-Benz CTO Markus Schäfer also announced a partnership with Google to pre-install and integrate specific apps into their vehicles.

Honda unveils its Zero Series EV concept cars

Honda has unveiled two concept vehiclesA new global electric vehicle line-up was named „saloon” and „space-hub” on Tuesday. The Japanese automaker says the Zero Series approach to EV development focuses on „slim, light and smart” models with specific goals of reducing battery size.

The first models of the Zero series aim to hit the North American market in 2026, with plans to launch the vehicles in Japan, Asia, Europe, Africa and the Middle East and South America. Honda has unveiled a new “H mark” logo to use on its next-generation EVs.


Google on Tuesday showcased a variety of ways the tech giant is integrating generative AI features into Android devices — including previously announced customizable, AI-generated wallpapers and suggested text message responses, written in styles ranging from casual to „Shakespearean.”

The California-based company took the opportunity to roll out some new features.

As Chromecast expands to more apps and devices, TikTok content can now be cast directly to TVs.

More automakers have partnered with Google to offer vehicles with pre-installed apps like Google Maps and Assistant. The app will come to select models from Ford, Nissan and Lincoln this year, with Porsche following suit in 2025.

Intel Updates 14th Gen Processor Line

Intel may have been leaning towards supporting AI with its Core Ultra chips, but the company decided to announce an expansion of its 14th Gen processor family for gamers and media creators.

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