Vietnam has made a record at the UN Human Rights Council

“Though there is still a long stretch of the road to travel and many difficulties and challenges to face, this time the first year of effective membership of the Commission on Human Rights can be said to be a success for the country. ” highlighted Hung Viet in an article published this Thursday.

He also noted that Vietnam assumed this high responsibility in 2023, which has experienced various profound changes in the regional and global situation, and „although peace, cooperation and development are important trends, they are facing the greatest challenges recorded in the post-Cold War era.”

The official noted that the HRC, which has completed a huge amount of work since its establishment in 2006, has been working with greater intensity over the past year, and Vietnam has actively participated and made its mark from the first events with many initiatives during that period.

He also regretted that while Vietnam's achievements, efforts, commitments and requests for cooperation in protecting human rights are widely recognized, some international individuals, organizations and politicians do not objectively assess a member's ability to fulfill its role. HRC.


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