Victoria’s Secret 'The Tour Experience’ at New York Flagship: Details – WWD

Victoria’s Secret is giving customers an inside look at its upcoming fashion show.

The retailer is launching an immersive “The Tour Experience” on the top floor of its New York City flagship later this month in conjunction with its Victoria’s Secret World Tour fashion show, debuting on Prime Video on September 26.

The in-store experience was created as an extension of the Victoria’s Secret World Tour, a reimagining of the retailer’s long-running fashion show.

„It’s fashion, it’s art and it’s entertainment,” said Albert Gilkey, senior vice president of store design and construction at Victoria’s Secret. “This space is an extension of that reimagining. We’ve never done this before, and it’s an exciting time to rethink the experience for the customer and the brand.

An in-store experience featuring all the looks presented during the Victoria’s Secret World Tour show created by four Lagos-based designers; Tokyo; Bogotá, Colombia; and London. The designers also looked to the Victoria’s Secret archives to recreate some of the best-known angel wings presented in past fashion shows. These works will be displayed at the store’s flagship.

Victoria’s Secret Champagne Bar.

Adrian Wilson

The „Tour Experience” will include a champagne bar with signature cocktails and mocktails inspired by Victoria’s Secret perfumes. Victoria’s Secret enlisted chef Sumaiya Banki to create custom desserts for the champagne bar, inspired by motifs and colors that Victoria’s Secret is well known for.

„It’s an emotional experience that we’re excited to share with the customer,” Gilkey said. „It’s great to be able to do that for the brand and the customer. We’re a new Victoria’s Secret and that’s what we’re celebrating. This tour is the culmination of our brand transformation.

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