Variety scores Oscars social video traffic like never before in 2024

Total views within 24 hours of this year's Academy Awards Variety Social video covering the event reached 138 million views, making it the biggest day of Oscar social traffic in broadcast history.

Recorded earlier 2023 OscarsIt generated 122 million views in a single day.

Views were counted across Instagram, X/Twitter, TikTok and Facebook, with Instagram (23 million) and TikTok (61.3 million) videos bringing in the lion's share of traffic. Hosted amazing moments from the red carpet Variety is including Mark Malkin and „Past Lives” star Theo Youss Tribute to his dead pet turtle and „American Fiction” star Erica Alexander Heartfelt message for mom. Fashion clips featuring the „Barbie” star Margot Robbie and „Oppenheimer” power couple Christopher Nolan and Emma Thomas He played well Variety is Amassed a social media audience of over 12 million followers.

Social media editor Rachel Seo led the coverage with notable support from associate web editors Ethan Shanfield and Michaela Gee, digital news director Zach Scharf and associate web editor Meredith Warner. Variety is President of Video Nicholas Stango, Director of Video Production Ethan Bellows, and Producer-Editors Mark Hayes, Kia Robinson, and Mitch Saavetra facilitated on-the-ground logistics and real-time clipping, ensuring rapid content delivery and release.

„Rachel, Nick, Marc, the Web Team and the Video Team outdid themselves covering the Oscars this year,” says editor William Earle. „It's a testament Variety is The development continued to bring such high-quality content to many readers very quickly.

This victory closes another hurricane Awards seasonwith Variety Cover stars Nolan and Thomas, Chris Bowers („The Last Repair Shop”) and Billie Eilish („Barbie”) won Oscars. „Actor on Actors” participants Cillian Murphy („Oppenheimer”), Robert Downey Jr. („Oppenheimer”) and Dave's Joy Randolph („The Holdovers”), along with Awards Circuit podcast guest Kurt Jefferson („American Fiction”), also took home gold statues. went

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