VAR incorporates „goal line” technology for the definition of the League Cup

Professional League Cup

After the mistake in the last Super Clasico, VAR will incorporate new technology to clarify whether the ball crosses the goal line.

© X: @CaffaroADon't have a goal? Controversy over the weekend.

The Super Clasico left behind a controversy that will be debated for a long time. The reason is the play that leaves strong doubts after watching the TV replay a thousand times. Audios that surfaced a few hours later, with a conversation between the main referee VAR and AVAR, sowed even more uncertainty. All for one simple reason: not investing in cameras on the goal line allows us to determine if the ball is full or not.

Believe it or not, Argentine football officials, along with Federico Belligo, made a decision that was made a long time ago: VAR will incorporate „goal line” technology for the definition of the League Cup. What is it about? A camera is placed in a fixed position at the height of each curve.

This technology, used by FIFA and CONMEBOL in their different competitions, will reach Argentine football in the near future. If the protocol is approved, it will begin to be used in semi-finals and finals of the League Cup. As a result of a goal disallowed against River last Sunday in the Super Clasico. It seems too late.

River angry over disallowed goal in Super Clasico

They argue with the officiating system in Mundo River, despite Martin Demichelis announcing that he didn't watch the play, didn't talk about the referees, and never will, and that he quelled any potential protest in the locker room. The only official voice to speak in the last hours was Millonario's vice president Ignacio Villarroel. A manager who often walks the halls of the Argentine Football Association.

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In a conversation with Radio Continental, the Greatest director revealed: „The ball goes in. Romero takes it in. The line marks the middle of the field, the referee marks a goal. Strangely, VAR violates the protocol. There is no doubt that he went in. Listening to the audios, I feel an uncertain conversation”Villaroyal said.

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