VanMoof was resurrected after being bought by Lavoie, McLaren’s electrical division

VanMoof, the Dutch electric bicycle brand founded by brothers Taco and Dice Carlier, declared bankruptcy last July, and since then, uncertainty over its future has grown. Fortunately, everything seems to have a happy ending as McLaren’s electric division, Lavoie, has rescued the company from its ruins.

Bicycletta vanMoof. Photo: VanMoof

New bikes in view of the resurrected VanMoof

McLaren, the well-known British sports car company, needs no introduction. Nor does Lavoi, the McLaren-based electric scooter brand. The division is also responsible for the engineering and technology of Formula 1 within the British sports car brand.

At this time, the details of the operation are unknown, although according to the words of the chairman of McLaren Nick Fry to Reuters, a significant investment of money will be required in the short term to secure the position of VanMoof.

Despite this, Nick Fry remains optimistic: This is a great opportunity for us as VanMoof is a company with a great product. But this isn’t going to be a walkover, this is a company caught in a difficult financial situation.

Lavoie’s first step after buying VanMoof was to invest a good deal of money to address non-payment of suppliers and incomplete repairs on the Dutch brand’s customers’ bicycles.

The McLaren-based division has also announced that the most problematic mechanical components will be replaced with more reliable and affordable repairable ones. On the other hand, they will try to retain Vanmoop’s key senior management and some of the workers who were laid off after the bankruptcy announcement.

Finally, from Lavoie, when VanMoof’s economic situation stabilizes, they propose that they will introduce new electric bicycles to the market that promise to be more economical without sacrificing key features such as the technology for which the company is internationally known. Unique design of bikes.

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