US economy in recession, not recession: Strategist

As Nvidia ( NVDA ) falls from its record high, Invesco Global Market Strategist Brian Levitt joins Market Domination Overtime to discuss how the market will continue to rally.

„The irony is, when Nvidia was leading or a few names were leading, people were crying out for that, wanting to see it expand. So if we continue to see it expand in the market, it’s actually a healthy environment,” Levitt explains. If the Federal Reserve can normalize the yield curve without going into recession, it will create a „good backdrop for risk assets,” he says.

He adds that he’s not worried about a recession: „Looking at the indicators that tell me, if we have a recession, I expect corporate bond spreads or yields relative to the risk-free rate. Banks are tightening lending standards.”

Levitt insists the election should not cause market volatility, explaining that he expects markets to continue their path.

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This post was written by Melanie Reel

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