US and UK form a strategic alliance against new threats

Rishi Sunak and Joe Biden (Brendan Smialowski) in the Oval Office of the White House in Washington on June 8, 2023.

British Prime Minister Rishi Chung and US President Joe Biden announced a new strategic pact on Thursday to counter Russia or China, but it is a far cry from the free trade deal the United Kingdom dreams of after Brexit.

„We can trust each other with absolute confidence,” Sunak told a joint news conference, during which Biden assured the United States that there is no „closer ally” than the United Kingdom.

The „Atlantic Declaration” signed by the two leaders at the White House provides for greater cooperation in defense, civil nuclear power and the supply of essential metals for the energy transition.

Like other allies of the United States, the United Kingdom is concerned about the effects of Biden’s deflationary legislation, which includes millions in aid for the green energy industry, as well as incentives for national industry and American-made products.

Sunak secured exemptions for British industrialists.

On defense matters, the US president has promised to open access to the US market for British industrialists to boost development of hypersonic missiles.

The agreement between the two countries also covers artificial intelligence, energy security and supply chains.

This is in response to the Biden administration’s New Economic Doctrine, which says that industrial and trade policies must be subordinated to considerations of security and sovereignty, thus breaking the principle of free trade.

– 'Indispensable Alliance’ –

„Countries like China and Russia are ready to manipulate, exploit or steal our intellectual property, use technology for authoritarian purposes or deprive us of important resources like energy” but „they won’t succeed,” Sunak said.

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Joe Biden has criticized China’s massive international investment plan known as the „New Silk Roads,” saying it „doesn’t go far enough” as a „borrowing and confiscation program.”

In light of the deference, the relationship between the two countries seems more fluid now than in the days of former British prime ministers Boris Johnson and Liz Truss.

Sunak felt it was convenient to speak of an „essential alliance” rather than the „special relationship” commonly used to describe the relationship between London and Washington.

Without a free trade agreement, Sunak leaves Washington with some U.S. support for his ambitions to regulate artificial intelligence.

„We hope to lead the (United Kingdom) effort” during the first international summit planned for this fall, Biden said, stressing that artificial intelligence „has the potential to cause enormous damage if left unchecked.”

– NATO and Ukraine-

The US president was more wary of London’s plan to elevate Defense Secretary Ben Wallace to the post of NATO secretary general.

„Maybe” a Britain could take over the Atlantic alliance when Jens Stoltenberg’s term ends in October, but „we have to find consensus within NATO,” Biden said.

Joe Biden and Rishi Sunak have already met several times on the sidelines of international summits or to initiate military cooperation with Australia, but the meeting at the White House was the most formal of them all.

They talked about the war in Ukraine.

Biden has praised the UK’s commitment to Kiev in the face of a Russian invasion.

He also said he would have the „necessary funds” to support Ukraine „until it is taken,” despite the skepticism of some Republican congressmen.

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