Up to 1,000 Papuan students to train in Europe: Godin

JAIPURA, PAPUA (ANTARA) – Up to a thousand students from the province of Papua will have the opportunity to participate in vocational training in Europe, the Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Katin) has announced.

Papua Provincial President Godin Ronald Antonio said here on Sunday that the recruitment process of the students involved the Papua Provincial Government.

„The industrial training program in Europe aims to strengthen human resources in Indonesia, especially in Papua. Therefore, we will immediately schedule a meeting with the Papua provincial government to discuss and plan the recruitment process,” he said.

He elaborated that Papuan students interested in training in Europe can prepare themselves by mastering foreign languages ​​and other requirements.

„There is already a collaboration (in the form of a memorandum of understanding) with an engineering university in Papua, but it will be implemented only by October 2023,” he said.

He disclosed that the Vocational Training Program in Europe targets fourth semester engineering students and graduates of Vocational High Schools (SMK) who have completed at least D2 (Diploma-2).

„The internship program in Europe lasts for two years with a monthly income of about Rp20-25 million. All living, transportation and housing expenses are fully covered by the company the participants are interning at,” he said.

He emphasized that this program is a good opportunity that should not be missed. Papan students with experience of interning and working abroad can get better jobs, he said.

He said the training and shipboard experience would help advance Papuans’ education and economy.

„We want students to be able to get into work immediately after college,” he said.

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Translated by: Kadri B, Kensu
Author: Sri Haryati
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