Unmad has pulled the chocolate bar with peanuts from the market, warning people about „adverse effects”.

Chocolate with peanuts

The Soul (National Administration of Medicines, Food and Medical Technology) banned commercialization and online sales platforms throughout Argentina. A brand of chocolate that contains peanuts Al It is an „illegal” product because it does not properly provide the required information on its labelSuch as „adverse effects” that may occur in some people with celiac disease or allergies.

By Regulation 3998/2023, Published in Official announcement Early on Tuesday, the decentralized body said the move arose out of an audit. Directorate of Promatology and Junos of the Municipality of Florentino Amequino of the province of Buenos Aires.

After checking product labels by Deepa Municipal Eligibility Certificate No. 21205 and the number of both determined. Register National of Establishment (RNE) mentioned belongs to the name of another company which is not authorized to manufacture the food Gluten free.

Therefore, DIPA warned the general public on its website, and the celiac community in particular, to avoid consuming these products and for traders to stop selling them.

In this way, „ban”Expansion, Fractionation and Commercialization” across the national territory of the products “Chocolate bar with peanuts, chocolate with peanuts, gluten-free without TACC, net content: 75 gr., pending RNE 02-041604 and RNPA, municipal approval certificate no. 21205, call 39 no. 1618, in fee” and “Dark chocolate with peanuts, chocolate with peanuts, gluten-free without TACC, RNE/RNPA: pending” in any presentation, batch and expiration date.

Late Chocolate, the affected brand

Late Chocolate, the affected brand

The explanation adds that the mandatory information on your label is not correctly stated „Allergy and substances capable of producing adverse reactions in susceptible individuals, etc”, and for being falsely labeled by handing over the symbol “Without TACC” and the legend “Without TACC”, not authorized with such attribute, is illegal”.

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A similar case was reported by Anemat Regulation 1267/2022When the agency reported a query to the Industrial and Food Directorate of the Province of Buenos Aires in order to verify that a product has been authorized for circulation.

From DIPA, they mentioned it „Chocolate with Milk, Peanuts and Cereal; Brand „Croque” -The question in question is hereby filed- It is absent. Under the same line, They also said that there are no authorized establishments for the manufacture of candy.

Subsequently, the Directorate General of Health and Food Safety was requested to inspect the premises where the products were sold. In the particular case, since it is a product sold online, The research focuses on marketing through web sites.

Anmat forbaó with man a chocolateí and cereals.

Anmat banned chocolate with peanuts and grains.

After conducting an inquiry and verifying the violation, it was recommended to Anmath that „the product cannot be manufactured, marketed or sold in any part of the country to protect the health of citizens before consumption”. Illegal goods.

It is also stated that it is justified as long as „it is a non-registered food product, its invention, its manufacturing conditions, its quality with adequate control levels are not guaranteed under the conditions established by the current regulations”.

It is for this reason that the decentralized organization decided: “The distribution, distribution and commercialization of products across the national territory and on online sales platforms is prohibited: “Chocolate with milk, peanuts and cereal; Brand „Croque” – Chocolates Los Alpes”.

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