Two multinational companies choose the Canary Islands as a hub for developing unmanned aerial systems

Two multinational companies choose the Canary Islands as a hub for developing unmanned aerial systemsLB/DLB

Canary Islands President Fernando Clavijo this Friday RResponsible for leading companies in aeronautical and space technology, Thales Alenia Space and Skydweller, in a strategic meeting Advance the development of the sector in the archipelago.

The focus of the meeting was on exploring the possibilities of collaboration to implement development and innovation (R&D&I) projects. The aim is to provide demonstrators to the Canary Islands and to provide these two multinational companies with regional centers for coordination, testing and global operations with autonomous or remote unmanned aircraft (pseudo-satellite platforms and drones or UAS).

In this sense, Thales Alenia Space, a joint venture between Thales (67%) and Leonardo (33%), is developing the stratosphere platform. Thales Group is a global leader in the aeronautics, defense, security, cyber security, digital security, transportation and space markets.

Meanwhile, US-Spanish transatlantic aerospace company Skydweller Aero stands out for developing long-duration and high-altitude solar-powered drones with its Skydweller platform.

The Thales Alenia Space and Skydweller's industrial implementation in the Canary Islands are planned with an initial estimated duration of fifteen years. It will initially focus on the deployment and operational plans of the Canarias Geo Innovation 2030 project, using the infrastructure of the Canarias Stratoport platform for HAPS (High Altitude Pseudosatellite Platforms) & UAS (Unmanned Aerial Systems). These infrastructures are now available in Fuerteventura.

The analysis of the data collected by the sensors taken at these sites will allow the development of solutions and services in the areas of Earth observation (security, emergency, biodiversity, marine pollution, illegal fishing, control of critical infrastructures, traditional observation in general, etc.). .) and telecommunications (broadband internet in isolated and offshore areas), among others, will be operational at the ISSEC R&D&I and Operations Center by June 2024.

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Development of the aeronautics and space industry in the Canary Islands

The heads of both companies agreed A great opportunity to build the first European base for the Canary Islands There are many advantages associated with the development of these projects and operational hubs depending on the Canary Islands' stratoport operations, as well as other territories such as the region's climate, proximity to Africa and Ecuador. Number of potential use cases or ease of carrying out operations offshore.

The tax incentives offered by the Canary Islands Exclusive Zone (ZEC) are another strategic element for these multinationals to establish themselves in the region and consolidate their presence in the archipelago.

This meeting with the President of the Canary Islands marks a new and important step towards the activation of key institutions in the aeronautics and space industry in the Canary Islands, which will help promote sustainable innovation and advanced technological solutions in the islands. Addressing global tracking challenges of land and communications, as well as creating quality employment, retaining regional talent and providing new opportunities for small and medium-sized regional enterprises.

About Thales Alenia Space

Thales Group is one of the world's leading technology companies and a relevant player in the aeronautics, defense, security, cyber security, digital security, transportation and space markets. A common feature of all markets is innovation.

Thales holds a leading position in traffic control systems due to its more than 70 years of experience in Spain and its major contribution to the modernization of Spain's railway network and participation in high-speed projects. In the field of defense and security, the Army (ET) is a technical and industrial partner in the production of radio communications for command and control systems and communications, surveillance systems and anti-drone systems.

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In the field of digital security, Thales is a leading partner in the country's digital transformation, Through the deployment of 5G, connectivity and biometric security systems. In cyber security, it operates through S21Sec, the European leader in cyber security services with a global MultiSOC distributed across four locations in Iberia.

About Skydweller Aero Inc

Skidweller Aero Inc Using technology based on the longest continuous renewable energy flight program in history. The fast-growing startup is developing a new type of drone that offers the stability of geosynchronous satellites with the powerful sensing capabilities and flexibility of a large airborne platform. It has global and US headquarters in Oklahoma City and European offices in Spain.

With a flexible payload system including communications relay, 4G/5G cellular, day/night full motion video, satellite communications, imaging radar and more, Skydweller will enhance emergency, geographic, weather and telecommunications operations for commercial and government organizations around the world. Enables continuous operations in the most challenging areas for long periods of time while minimizing environmental impact.

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