Troye Sivan Drops 'Rush’ Remix With Pink Panthers, Stray Kids Hyunjin – Billboard

„Rush” is real. After dropping hints about a remix of his brilliant summer single earlier this week in a series of TikTok teases, Troy Shivan A revival of „Rush” featuring the hot British singer dropped Thursday morning (Aug. 31). Pink Panthers And Bad children Member Hyunjin.

The first taste of Shivan’s upcoming album, Something to give to each other (Oct. 13) gets a new second verse from Panthress, in which Shiva drops steamy lines about hot summer fun instead of the original verse.

In the new PinkPantheress verse, the British singer matches that energy with a mix of sensual singing and rapping, „I know you’re into some dance’/ I said to my girlfriend, 'Baby, tell me’/’ Did you really notice I squared off with another?’/ But You’re still my sunshine, take this with me/ I’m over it, so I’m sure/ Haven’t done this since September/ You were at my door right then.”

As the pre-chorus of „You Got My Heartbeat Racin'” returns, Hyunjin’s vocals subtly blend in, adding to the upbeat chorus, „I’m feeling a rush/ Addicted to your touch/ Oh, I’m feeling a rush/ It’s so good, it’s so good .

Sivan and PinkPanthers began teasing the remix over the weekend in a series of Tiktoks, from a clip of Australian singer Pantheres dancing to a recent track she shared on her community, saying, “Wow love this girl’s voice. I want to sing with her one day. „

Moments later, PinkPantheress responded with her own TikTok, sharing a screengrab of a July 14 tweet in which „Rush” sounded like her voice on a remix of the song, „So good.” Another successful release,” he wrote under the original tweet, while his caption officially confirmed the news: „You’re so excited to hear the Rush remix.”

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At the time internet sleuths linked Hyunjin to the remix, Sivan shared a clip spotlighting the K-pop star with a similar complimentary message: „Wow love this guy’s voice,” Sivan wrote. „Would love to sing with him one day.”

Listen to the „Rush” remix below.

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