Madness teases new song 'C’est La Vie’ with dramatic reading from Helen Mirren

Madness has teased new song 'C’est La Vie’ with a dramatic performance by Helen Mirren.

In a video released today (September 27), the Oscar-winning actor sings his own rendition of the song directly into the camera.

„C’est La Vie’ has long been a prime suspect as our first single in 7 years,” the ska-pop band captioned the video. „It seemed only right to ask Royalty to proofread the lyrics for us without even hearing the song…”

Life begins at five to eight / No time to waste it will not wait” begins the lyrics. „A lay-in yesterday / Up and fighting them.”

The chorus then has the French-speaking lyrics „I didn’t do that, that’s life / I didn’t do that, that’s life„.

Madness’ 'C’est La Vie’ is out tomorrow (Thursday, September 28).

Watch the video below.

In April, Madness announced their UK 'C’est La Vie’ arena tour this winter, where they will be joined by special guests The Lightning Seeds.

The upcoming tour kicks off in Aberdeen at the end of November and will hit venues across the UK before concluding with a show in Birmingham. You can view the entire schedule of dates and purchase anything Remaining tickets here.

Chucks and Co. announced that they were working on a new release on social media in November. Sharing footage taken in the recording studio, the caption reads: “Please allow us to introduce ourselves… We’re back in the studio recording the new album… Is it over?!?

Madness’ last album, 'Can’t Touch Us Now’, was released in 2016. They’re 'The Get Up!’ In 2022, their soundtrack album of the same name was billed as a one-off worldwide live broadcast from the London Palladium in 2021. Written by Charlie Hickson, it featured live music, classics and crazy new songs, comedy and special guests.

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