Transforming security with cutting-edge technology

Herda announces the launch of FUTURE, an innovative project in the field of defense technology and resulting from the prestigious recognition of the EU Seal of Excellence. This recognition underscores FUTURE’s commitment to innovation that will revolutionize the defense technology landscape.

The future project, developed with the support of various organizations in the European Union, represents the pinnacle of technological progress in video surveillance, focusing on crowd behavior analysis and facial recognition systems, to control and prevent future epidemics. The project has been recognized by the EU Seal of Excellence, which highlights a commitment to complying with the highest standards of innovation, sustainability and social impact.

Future’s revolutionary approach to security technology includes three key pillars: edge video surveillance, crowd behavior analysis, and facial recognition of suspects and terrorists. FUTURE aims to redefine security operations by leveraging cutting-edge technologies and various advanced algorithms, providing real-time threat detection and proactive prevention strategies.

The EU Seal of Excellence, awarded to FUTURE, recognizes the project’s pioneering efforts to improve security while respecting privacy and human rights in the European environment and AI legislation. This recognition reflects validation of the vision, innovation and potential social impact of the project.

„We are proud to receive the EU Seal of Excellence, which recognizes our commitment to technological innovation and ethical security solutions,” said Herda’s CEO Javier Rodríguez. „This recognition reinforces our commitment to push the boundaries of security technology while ensuring ethical and responsible implementation in protecting citizens,” he concluded.

FUTURE’s commitment to best and ethical practices cements its position as a leader in the security technology industry. By advancing innovation and betting on privacy and respect for human rights, FUTURE pursues advances that prioritize security without compromising individual liberties.

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