Training to bring technology closer to the youth: Over 4,300 students from 43 schools

Since last February, four workshops have been held at the TORMES+ Training and Entrepreneurship Center. Drone piloting, 3D design and printing, programming and robotics 3,431 primary, secondary and undergraduate students from 43 schools participated in this. The activities included in the training program bring technology closer to young students so they can discover new professional opportunities, and it is promoted by the Salamanca City of Culture and Knowledge Foundation and the Department of Economic Development.

As exemplified by the mayor of Salamanca, Carlos García Carpaio, from a playful and best-practice concept, Education and training in new technologies Arousing interest in minors in subjects that focus on the future development of the business world.

He High drone It is divided into two parts. On the one hand, the students were able to program using a simulator, on the other hand, they had the opportunity to handle a drone and fly the aircraft on a circuit. For his part, the 3D Design and Printing Workshop It was about modeling a monument in Salamanca on a computer and then seeing how it came to life with printers. Meanwhile, in Programming workshop Students created their own video game about the microscopic life of bacteria, viruses and antibodies. Finally, the Robotics workshopIt ends today and, depending on the school year, could include bringing the electronic top to life or building an autonomous driving bus.

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