Toyota and Pepco partner to research vehicle-to-grid technology in Maryland

The aim of this collaboration is to explore sustainable energy solutions and strengthen the resilience of the local energy network.

Plano, Texas Y Washington, June 17, 2024 /PRNewswire-HISPANIC PR WIRE/ — Toyota Motor North America (Toyota) and local power utility Pepco are collaborating on vehicle-to-grid (V2G) research for electric vehicles battery charger (BEV). Toyota bZ4X. The joint venture will explore bi-directional energy flow technology that allows BEV owners to not only charge their vehicle’s battery, but also send electricity back to the local energy grid. V2G technology has the potential to support and benefit customers through improved energy reliability and resilience, integration of renewable energy, and the potential to reduce electricity costs.

The goal of this collaboration is to understand the needs of electric vehicle owners through their charging and vehicle usage habits, which will be critical to the widespread adoption of V2G technology. Almost 80% of owners currently charge their electric vehicles at home overnight when electricity demand is low. With bi-directional capability, these vehicles can send power back to the local energy grid during times of high demand or other critical times such as inclement weather.

„Two-way charging is a great way for customers to take advantage of their electric vehicles, supporting the grid and their home electric ecosystem,” he said. Christopher Yang, Toyota EV Charging Solutions Group Vice President. „Working with Pepco will help us understand upload and download use cases, which will ultimately benefit our customers and help application providers better understand grid demands.”

Maryland It is one of the fastest growing electric vehicle markets in the country and aims to have 300,000 electric vehicles on the road by 2025. Pepco helps. Maryland It will lead the initiative by installing 250 electric vehicle chargers in the districts Montgomery and Prince George. In April, Maryland The “vehicle-to-grid” technology law, HB 1256, also became the first state to pass the Distributed Renewable Energy Integration and Vehicle Electrification (DRIVE) Act, which mandates utility companies to develop interconnection processes for bidirectional chargers.

„Pepco is leading the energy transition in the communities we serve by adopting technology that helps drive a clean energy transition,” he said. Tyler Anthony, Chairman and CEO of Pepco Holdings. „V2G is designed to connect to the local energy grid and is part of our roadmap to ensure a successful and equitable energy transition. This collaboration with Toyota allows us to better understand V2G technology and its impact on our customers and overall service. Reliability, more sustainable and resilient for the communities we serve. We are working together towards the future.”

V2G research will be conducted at Pepco’s Watershed Sustainability Center located at the company’s Rockville Service Center in Pepco County. Montgomery, Maryland, using a two-way charger. Pepco will lead the effort to design and evaluate a variety of electric vehicle charging and discharging use cases that can deliver benefits to the grid and customers. The demonstration program will help Pepco support customer adoption of this technology, as well as the intricacies of interconnecting a large number of V2G assets and the infrastructure required to enable the rapid development of electric vehicle charging infrastructure to better prepare public authorities to implement the requirements of the DRIVE Act.

Toyota currently offers two electric vehicles BEV The High consumption in the United States and Canada: The Toyota bZ4X And this Lexus RZ. Toyota recently announced plans for two new three-row BEV SUVs, Toyota Motor Manufacturing Kentucky (TMMK) and Toyota Motor Manufacturing Indiana (TMMI). By 2030, Toyota aims to offer 30 BEV models globally through its Toyota and Lexus brands and produce 3.5 million electric vehicles annually.

About Toyota:
Toyota (NYSE:T.MCreator of the Prius Hybrid and Mirai fuel cell vehicle, our Toyota and Lexus brands are committed to making vehicles the way people live and directly employ more than 63,000 people in North America (more than 49,000 in the U.S.).

Over the past 65 years, Toyota has assembled nearly 47 million cars and trucks in North America at the company’s 12 manufacturing plants. By 2025, the company’s 13th plant North Carolina It will start making automotive batteries for electrified vehicles.

Through our more than 1,800 North American dealerships (nearly 1,500 in the U.S.), Toyota sold more than 2.6 million cars and trucks in 2023 (more than 2.2 million in the U.S.), more than a quarter of which were electric vehicles (full batteries), hybrids, plug-in hybrids and fuel cell).

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About Pepco:
Pepco is a unit of Exelon (NASDAQ: EXC), a Fortune 250 company and the nation’s largest utility with more than 10 million customers. Pepco provides safe and reliable energy service to approximately 944,000 customers in the district. Colombia Y Maryland.

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