Tina Fey recalls Amy Poehler standing up to Jimmy Fallon after the talk show host criticized her joke

By Christine Rendon for Dailymail.com

21:32 11 Sep 2023, Updated 21:57 11 Sep 2023

Tina Fey once recounted how Amy Poehler stood up to Jimmy Fallon after he criticized a joke early in their comedy careers.

The relationship was detailed by Fey in her 2013 memoir, Bossypants, but has been gaining traction on social media, following allegations that Fallon created a 'toxic’ work environment on the set of The Late Show.

In her memoir, Faye, 53, described how she tried to shut Poehler, 51, after Fallon, 51, made a 'vulgar’ joke among the Saturday Night Live staff – but was 'visibly startled’ when he responded in blistering fashion.

So far there is one tweet that brings the passage to light It has received 4,266 retweets and over 76K likes since it was shared on September 7.

’Amy Poehler was new to SNL and we were all huddled in the writers’ room on the seventeenth floor, waiting for the Wednesday night read-through to begin,’ Tina recounted in her memoir.

’Jimmy was startled’: Tina Fey once described standing up to Jimmy Fallon after Amy Poehler criticized an 'unladylike’ joke early in their comedy careers.

’Amy was in the middle of some such nonsense with Seth Meyers across the table, and he did something comically awkward. I don’t remember exactly what it was, except that it was dirty, loud, and „unfeminine.”

’Jimmy Fallon turned to her and said in a fake bitter voice, „Stop it! It’s not pretty! I don’t like it.”

Amy dropped what she was doing, eyes burning for a second, and wheeled over him. „I don’t care king if you like it.” Jimmy looked startled.

’ Amy went back, enjoying her ridiculous bit. With that exchange, a cosmic shift occurred.

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’Amy made it clear it wasn’t just to be pretty,’ Tina said. 'She’s not there to play wives and girlfriends in the boys’ scenes. She was there to do what she wanted and she didn’t care if you liked it.

The piece has received renewed interest in light of allegations leveled against Fallon in a new Rolling Stone article, which accuses the comedian of creating a 'toxic’ workplace on The Tonight Show.

On Thursday, Jimmy apologized to his staff via Zoom call after the allegations surfaced.

„I feel so bad, I can’t tell you,” he reportedly told his staff in the call Rolling Stone.

Controversy: Fallon was recently accused of creating a 'toxic’ workplace on The Tonight Show
Candid: Poehler described the affair in her 2013 memoir, Bossypants

The magazine broke the story about his 'erratic’ behavior on set, and quoted two people in the crowd.

Staff on call said the late host’s words 'felt pretty keen’.

„It’s embarrassing, I feel really bad,” Fallon reportedly said. 'I’m sorry if I’ve made you and your family and friends uncomfortable… I feel too bad to tell you.’

I want the show to be fun. [it] Be inclusive,’ Fallon reportedly added. 'It should be a great show.’

He forced staff to wail in 'crying rooms’ and suffered 'hair loss’ and induced 'suicidal thoughts’.

He would have 'outbursts’ at his staff and it created a 'pretty chaotic environment’.

Making waves: A tweet bringing the column to light has received 4,266 retweets and over 76K likes since it was posted on September 7.
The dynamic duo! Image courtesy of Fey and Poehler 2019

While the talk-show host is known for his hilarious on-screen antics through a variety of games, challenges and trivia, which garners millions of weekly views online, Fallon is said to have unpredictable mood swings.

’If Jimmy’s in a bad mood, everybody’s day is f**ked,’ a former employee told Rolling Stone.

’In the office people don’t joke, they don’t stand around and talk. Jimmy’s not in a good mood, so mind what you’ve got to do, and if you see it, he might fly away.’

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His erratic and flamboyant attitude is said to be falling throughout the show’s hierarchy, which has seen nine showrunners in nine years.

’I don’t think they landed on a leader who could hold it together,’ a former employee told Rolling Stone.

None of the nine showrunners wanted to talk negatively or positively about the show.

Apology: On Thursday, Jimmy apologized to his staff via Zoom call, accusing 16 current and former employees of creating a 'toxic’ work environment.

The publication reached out to more than 50 current and former Tonight Show staffers for the story. While many praised Fallon for his ability to crack jokes, no one raised their hand to speak on the record or had nice things to say about the work environment. The 16 people who spoke, on condition of anonymity, worked in various roles from the production team to the writers’ room.

But a source close to the Tonight Show told DailyMail.com: 'The things reported in this article were years ago and do not reflect today’s situation.

’No one is denying what happened in the past, but the previous issues have been resolved and everyone has since moved on.

’Many of these old cases have already been reported and it is not clear to everyone why they are being brought up again after so many years.

„Many current employees have positive things to say about the program, but they haven’t been given a chance.

Allegations: He forced staff to cry in 'crying rooms’ and would cause 'hair loss’ and induce 'suicidal thoughts’, the outlet alleged.

’This is not Jimmy, and today’s show is not in any way.’

Among the allegations, a former employee said the environment changed when he moved from Late Night with Jimmy Fallon to The Tonight Show.

„Manufacturers felt this pressure and it translated to all their employees. Their subordinates felt that if you made a mistake, you were gone and easily replaced,” said one former employee.

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’All these NBC pages are in the building, ready, willing and waiting to take your job.’

Several employees said they left the program due to mental health concerns, with seven saying their overall well-being was affected by their alleged experiences.

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