Ticketmaster will sell digital tickets to avoid cloning Newscast Mexico

A company dedicated to the sale and distribution of tickets established in Hollywood, USA, TicketmasterTicketmaster announced its new digital ticketing service called SafeTix. This aims to avoid counterfeiting and cloning Tickets for concerts, competitions and other events.

In a press conference, Ticketmaster representatives announced that there will be digital tickets More security measures and harder to cloneUnlike a physical one, it has more technology, ensuring fans have access to the show they are attending.

Ticketmaster SafeTix is ​​part of ticketing technology development and the company’s service for the benefit of customers, because the ticket uses dynamic barcodes that change constantly to avoid their falsification or duplication,” explained Ticketmaster.

Ticketmaster can no longer submit screenshots

According to Ana María Arrollo, director of Ticketmaster México, after the implementation of SafeTix, fans They can no longer provide screenshots of the entry For your favorite shows.

„Ticketmaster strives to provide a safe and reliable experience, and provide useful information such as an introduction to SafeTix„We can no longer provide screenshots in access to events,” he commented.

Significant Digital tickets are managed from the Ticketmaster México mobile app, where the company sells the tickets, you can get them there. This strategy has already been implemented in the US and Canada.

„Tickets are managed directly in the Ticketmaster MX app and, When tickets are released, they will be available in the palm of your hand on the fan’s mobile device”.

You can download the Ticketmaster app android click here And iOS by clicking here.

Are physical Ticketmaster tickets going away?

Until now, The fate of physical Ticketmaster tickets is not in jeopardy at this time. This is because the company needs to see how users adapt to digital inputs.

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However, Alex Ortas, director of marketing, explained that two-thirds of their tickets are sold online.

For this reason, the company is improving its platforms such as TIPS Ticketmaster, a help button for fans, its response time, a virtual line to help prevent resellers from activating codes, as well as the TM1 entry system.The number of tickets purchased and the number of people entering the venue are under the control of the company. What doors they enter, etc

„The (digital array) system is constantly being modified because Now two steps are required to register in one row Eliminate bots along the way”, Arroyo explained.

Where are Ticketmaster digital tickets accepted?

For now, this new instrument is only available for performances at Teatro Metropolitan, Teatro Telcel and Arena México. however, It will gradually roll out over the coming months at other Ticketmaster-operated shows.

Ticketmaster sued for ticket cloning in Mexico

The company’s announcement comes after various events such as Dua Lipa and Bad Bunny concerts in 2022. Fans condemned the cloning of tickets through social media and the Office of the Federal Consumer Advocate (Profeco).

However, the most famous case occurred during the first presentation Bad Bunny at Azteca StadiumWhen thousands of participants left the show, because Cloning of about 1,600 entries was provided.

In addition to the ticket cloning case on the first date Poor rabbit In Mexico CityTicketmaster has been sued 223 times In the past year.

„We apologize for the bad experience some users have had, „Because of the failures caused by the large number of fraudulent tickets, we are working hand in hand with the authorities to compensate them and we want to go beyond this particular incident and change ourselves so that this does not happen in the future ( … ) When you have this technology, we have the tools to prevent it from happening again,” said Ana. Maria Arroyo said.

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As a result, Ticketmaster’s response was in an official statement, indicating that it had not participated in anything. Ticket resale for Bad Bunny concert in Mexico City.

„Ticketmaster refuses to resell tickets outside of official sales centers where fake tickets are often issued,” he said via his Twitter account.

So, with the new measures announced today, Ticketmaster endeavors to prevent the recurrence of situations such as those mentioned aboveMexico and other countries where the US company currently operates affect those attending major events.


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