This is how venture capital funds look at investing in infrastructure and technology

Page recently Executive and the Colombian Association of Private Capital, CoalCapital, published their annual book 'Prospects of Private Capital Funds 2024', which analyzes trends and forecasts for the sector.

Seeking to provide a comprehensive view of this expanding ecosystem, where both capital and human talent combine to create solid and profitable companies, demanding continuous skills from professionals, where salaries should be one of the highest attractions of the sector.

„As a human talent consultant, we understand that companies backed by private equity funds need not only funding, but also quality talent to execute their growth strategies,” said Page Executive Partner Juliana Suarez.

In view of the above, professionals associated with this sector are among the best paid in the financial sector and the dynamism of the sector and its positive outlook in the coming years indicate an increase in salaries.

Another decisive factor in this year's investments will be ESG criteria, as some of the companies that participated in the production of the editorial confirm that practices in environmental, social and corporate governance issues provide a comprehensive framework for companies' performance in key areas. Relating to sustainability and corporate responsibility.

Compared to the rest of Latin America, in terms of sustainability, Colombia offers great opportunities for sustainable investments, given its extensive biodiversity. However, latent challenges related to economic inequality and climate change management are clear.

In addition, the report analyzed the movement of private equity funds worldwide, where assets under management are expected to reach $8 trillion in 2024, a 15% growth compared to 2023 and the US will continue to lead the market. $3.2 trillion in assets under management.

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On a general economic basis, managing partners have an optimistic view on behavior at the national level this year; Lower inflation and interest rates, stronger currency, greater availability of credit resources, reactivation of capital markets and, ultimately, higher levels of consumption and investment.

In conclusion, the outlook leans towards an investment boom in sectors such as infrastructure, real estate, technology, healthcare and renewable energy, which could capture more than 40% of all capital committed by private equity funds next year.

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