This is how Matt Damon describes his kiss with Scarlett Johansson

Matt DamonOne of the main protagonists ’Oppenheimer’He recalled an occasion Love Scarlett Johansson For a movie it would be up against the best kisses in cinema history.

The actor opened up about the incident in the „Agree Disagree” game ’LADBible’Because he and Emily Blunt both agree on the idea of ​​telling someone if your breath smells bad.

As a result, Damon recalled an awkward moment on set during the filming of Cameron Crowe’s 'A Place to Dream’ in 2011.

I had to kiss Scarlett JohanssonCan you imagine how horrible that was for me? it’s hell”He joked.

„What happened was we did a take before lunch and it ended in a kiss and it was a nice double take. It was really good. We went to eat and she and I thought we were done. She ate an onion sandwich„.

„He walked in, director Cameron Crowe had set up the camera, and there was a close-up of the kiss. He says: ’Damn! I actually ate an onion sandwich’„.

Damon asks: „I was laughing at her the whole time because of her oniony breathI don’t even smell… because her breath smells like roses!

The actor plays General Leslie Groves ’Oppenheimer’One Best biography everIt is now out in theaters and in an interview ’Digital Spy’ He described how he prepared for the role.

Revealing that he read a lot to prepare, Damon added: „I don’t have to do any research if I don’t want to. The script was very good„.

He continued: „When I read 'American Prometheus,’ which is based on Oppenheimer’s book, I read the script and said to myself, 'This is incredible.'” Like Cillian Murphy’s performance in „Oppenheimer,” says Matt Damon.

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