They will hold a science and technology festival in Chalet Cantoni

Organized by the Network of Researchers in Science, Technology, Humanities and the Arts of San Juan (RICTHA), this Saturday, April 6, „Create – Science” will be held, the main objective of which is to promote the exchange of knowledge. In an informal and pleasant atmosphere between scientists / and general public. This is the first science and technology festival in San Juan and will be held at the Chalet Cantoni Casa Culture from 5 to 10 p.m.

This event has the approval of the National University of San Juan and the Science and Technology Center (CCT) of San Juan of the National Council for Scientific and Technological Research (CONICET).

More than thirty scientific sites

At this event, participants will be able to interact with more than 30 stands from various institutions and research groups in the province, where scientists will explain and explain their research work, their importance and their applications in everyday life. For example, you can see how screen printing is done and take an ordinary garment to screen print.

To stimulate curiosity and creativity

At the chalet it is also possible to participate in various science workshops for children and teenagers that stimulate curiosity and creativity. You will learn techniques such as drawing, sketching, how to search for fossils, creating a perfect planet, learning about plants and animals, and using artificial intelligence to build a chatbot. There will be activities for all tastes!

Live science monologue

During the festival, you can enjoy a „science stand” open to all visitors with social experts talking about fascinating topics such as mosquitoes, earthquakes, dinosaurs, etc. Meanwhile, renowned philosopher Gabriel Paravano answers the question if he thinks of science. Also, in a relaxed and natural environment with occasional companions, you can chat face-to-face with experts in fields such as forensic entomology, medicinal cannabis, meteorology, tribal languages, etc.

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Additionally, attendees can enjoy food stalls and good music throughout the festival.


The organizing committee consists of:

  • Dr. Emiles of the Amata Valley (CIGEOBIO CONICET-UNSJ)
  • Dr. Laura Noel Garcia (ICATE CONICET-UNSJ)
  • Dr. Natalia del Pilar Andino (CIGEOBIO CONICET-UNSJ)
  • Dr. Valeria Evelyn Campos (CIGEOBIO CONICET-UNSJ)
  • Lic. Antonio Damian Alejo (ICATE CONICET-UNSJ)

From the institute they expressed: “We strongly believe that science belongs to the community and we are proud of the scientific work carried out in San Juan. That's why we await you at the 1st Science and Technology Festival in San Juan: Making Con-Science.”

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