They seek to manufacture and integrate green hydrogen technology in Mexico

In Mexico, it is still necessary to establish a regulatory framework to guarantee the viability and sustainability of any green hydrogen project, with concrete regulations and benchmarks in place to encourage a real investment spirit.

H2V2 MexicoJoint Venture for Green Hydrogen Production Announces Commencement of Operations FH2 MexicoA company associated with 100% Mexican capital seeks to access all technologies for hydrogen production, thus advancing the production and assembly of specialized equipment in Mexico; Inside H2 Hydrogen Expo 2024 will be held in CintermexMonterrey on January 30 and 31.

In this sense, the company points out that the use of green hydrogen contributes to the global task of moving towards the decarbonization of economies through the adoption of more clean energy by the industrial sector.

Antonio Caballero, president of the H2V2 Mexico Council, said:

„The transition towards a green and sustainable economy has become a global priority. At H2V2 México and FH2 México we seek to improve the potential of green hydrogen for economic and industrial development in Mexico. With the start of operations of FH2 Mexico, we want to contribute to positioning our country as a leader in the development of green hydrogen projects and strengthening energy security.

Likewise, the manager pointed out that currently, the fight against climate change is already a global imperative, where green hydrogen has great growth potential in terms of energy transition.

„… green hydrogen is presented as an important option for Mexico, we need to take advantage of its geographic location and its global potential. However, it is necessary to examine the profitability and financing of projects in the country; considering pricing, cost reduction, regulations and related financial instruments”.

Also, according to the joint initiative, it is still necessary to establish a regulatory framework to guarantee the credibility and sustainability of any green hydrogen project in Mexico, with regulations and definitions that provide certainty that will encourage a real investment spirit; Not forgetting the relevance of public-private collaboration to ensure success in this emerging industry.

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