They are developing a revolutionary technology capable of renovating even the most damaged solar panels

07/01/2024 08:00

Updated on 01/07/2024 08:00

Photovoltaic energy does not stop growing internationally, so there is a lot of interest in improving its efficiency, and one of the main problems of solar panels. These are degenerative effects that occur over time. After all, they are located in places that suffer from continuous inclement weather.

Now, it's time to talk about one today Singapore's new technology aims to fix all the flaws They are produced in the cells of devices to extend their useful life.

This is how incredible technology works to repair solar panels that have been damaged over time

A company derived from Nanyang Technological University of Singapore (NTU), has formed a committee responsible Reduces the rate of degradation of solar panels through a curious treatment. It is a type of scanner that is placed on a photovoltaic panel that scans the entire surface looking for cells that need complete repair. This is achieved by A process known to be dynamic.

Faulty solar panels are repaired with a different scanner.

Thanks to this project, old solar cells are repaired will be subjected to an intensity of light many times more powerful than that of the Sun. EtaVolt, the company licensed to market these maintenance services, believes this type of technology will be ideal. Emphasis on geographical areas with great disparity of incidence Climate. In fact, it is believed that the degradation of solar panels occurs more in areas with high rainfall.

This technology The trial was conducted at several solar farms located in Singapore, so its utility is measured. In all cases an increase in the obtained energy was observed, thus becoming A tool that can contribute to the development of solar energy. Taking into account the incredible growth that this sustainable energy source has, it can be said that this project could gain a huge market share in the next few years.

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for now, This invention is not available for commercial purposes, but is expected to purchase the device or contract for services. Even so it is assumed The first models will have an industrial orientation To serve large solar farms around the world. Then there will be models capable of producing the same functionality to cover the maintenance demanded at a certain level.

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