The WWE Superstar deleted his Twitter account after massive backlash from fans

After receiving a lot of backlash and hate on Twitter, WWE Superstar Ridge Holland had no choice but to delete his account.

Holland received a lot of heat from members of the WWE Universe after Elton Prince injured his shoulder during The Brawling Brutes’ match against Pretty Deadly on SmackDown. Prince landed miserably on his shoulder after receiving a bounce from Holland.

The Brawling Bruts member quickly took to Twitter to explain his side and wish Prince a speedy recovery.

„So just to correct people before they all get the pi*sy! This is not a belly to belly….a blind landing from a jump. Out of my control. I wish @EltonPrince_PD a speedy recovery.” (h/t Wrestling headlines)

However, some fans still blamed Holland and asked WWE to release him. Others called him an insecure wrestler because Big E broke his neck last year after receiving a bell-to-back suplex from him. Hollande therefore deleted his tweet first before deleting his Twitter account as well.

Ridge Holland has deleted his Twitter account.

Sheamus defended Ridge Holland from the bashers and haters, calling him „safe” and „gentle” in the ring. Metro. Big E and Xavier Woods supported Holland last year when he began harassing her online.

Elton Prince retires from WWE due to shoulder injury

The Pretty Deadly Elton Prince suffered a separated shoulder following his victory over The Brawling Brutes on SmackDown last Friday. According to PW InsiderPrince will be out of action but there is no word on how long he will be on the shelf.

The 26-year-old WWE superstar wore a sling during his interview on Smackdown Lowdown. He downplayed the injury and said it would have been a career for an ordinary man. He even teased a comeback after a couple of weeks off.

„Let me make this absolutely clear to everybody,” Prince said. „It’s the kind of injury that puts the average person out for years. I would say life-ending. … It’s a life-ending injury, but not for me. No, no, no, no, I can take it. Two weeks off. I’ll be back, you know. , I’m spiffing again.”

Pretty Deadly has been on a roll since being called up to the main roster in the WWE Draft. As stated therein Institute of Orthopedic Surgery and Sports MedicineA separated shoulder takes at least two to 12 weeks to heal properly, depending on the severity.

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Do you think some fans are right to blame Ridge Holland for Elton Prince’s injury? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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