The United States was hit by extreme weather with a deadly heat wave and record-breaking Hurricane Beryl

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Heat is more deadly than other extreme weather conditions

The Washington Post, Associated Press

Experts have warned that this year will record high temperatures Heat can have deadly effects on the human body, by The Washington Post. Heat can stress organs, and high temperatures can lead to cardiovascular death, death from chronic kidney disease, and respiratory failure. Many Heat deaths This season has already been announced, AP noted. But heat-related deaths can be difficult to track, especially in the United States, where detailed data is hard to come by, and some cases of heart failure during a heat wave are unclear: and more people may have died from extreme heat than official data suggests.

More outdoor weather events are expected

Traffic lights, Scientific American

Hurricane Beryl has already made history for the intensity it reached so early in the hurricane season, and how far east it hit compared to previous years’ storms — but it won’t be the only release this season, and won’t be the only record — breaking one, a hurricane researcher told Scientific American: „I think it’s an omen of what hurricane season will be like.” Ocean temperatures have been unusually warm for the start of the summer, and as they continue, conditions could create favorable conditions for more intense storms to form.

Linking individual extreme weather events to climate change is difficult

BBC, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

There is a consensus among scientists that extreme weather events around the world are a result of climate change caused by the burning of fossil fuels, but it It is difficult to attribute specific events to climate change alone, BBC Weather noted. Scientists observe trends and data spanning years, and compare computer models of a world without global warming to current conditions to determine the role climate change plays in extreme weather. As for the development of Cyclone Beryl, it is a combination of such factors High sea temperaturesAccording to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, changes in wind patterns and the climate event La Niña are to blame.

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