The self-created KitSuper chats with Luke Belair’s Brett Parrish in the series

In a series of fascinating interviews, Brett PerrishThe CEO of Sovereign Brands delivers his insider dialogues Homemade tastes best Cont. Creativity, entrepreneurship and overcoming barriers to success are at the forefront of discussions with top entertainment and cultural drivers in music, fashion and the popular and mainstream industries.

Sharing experiences and perspectives while learning more about these people, The Homemade tastes best The series weaves through layers of character building and years of labor-intensive endeavors. The next episode features the founder and creative director of Blast KitSuper Studios Colm Dillane’s brand out of Brooklyn, New York.

“Collm has given me a new perspective on using clothes as a means of self-expression,” reveals Perrish. He describes it as “bold and eclectic – but comfortable”. „Often, my outfit is an icebreaker. My wife’s bell-bottom jeans I’m wearing can make someone laugh. The point is – it’s an entry point into the conversation and I can use my personal style to explain my company’s ethos, which stands apart from the stoic, corporate wine & spirits industry.

Perrish continues, „Our costume will be a superhero costume for a new identity, to unlock the 'Kid’ in all of us. KidSuper is not just clothing, it’s wearable art, and it comes with a levity. Colm shows that there’s a serious way to approach yourself without taking yourself too seriously.” .

Perish embodies the spirit brand’s lifestyle, aligning itself in good faith with celebrities and creators who have shaped modern culture. Creating Best Seller Success for Sovereign Brands, Luke Bellaire, Perrish associates himself with the success of these individuals and helps tell their stories to inspire the next generation of talent. Guests include rappers Rick Rose, Wiz Khalifa, Lil Wayne and Eve, DJ Among them are Khaled, Steve Aoki, singer Post Maloney and actor Tyrese.

In an upcoming episode, Colm Dillon shares the nexus points of his success at his KitSuper studio in the heart of Bushwick, Brooklyn. „Too often we look at our lives through a myopic lens—what’s happening right now and what’s not happening fast enough,” Dylan points out. „We think about the coming seasons, so rarely are we in the moment. This conversation forced me into a bird’s eye view, a real slowness and reflection.

“Creatives know that success doesn’t happen overnight. We are used to working long and hard at the things we love. But it’s good to share those stories of love and labor, encouraging others to pursue their creative calling. There’s a lot of hard work and challenges involved in building your own brand and business, and it’s not talked about enough. I relished the opportunity to do so with Brett for the Self-Made Tastes Better interview,” says Dhillon.

Beginning as an energetic teenager with an artist father and „free-spirit” mother, becoming a talented soccer player at the university level, and running into the darkness of Paris Fashion Week as a budding fashion designer, Dhillon charts his pivotal moments. Acknowledging the culmination of his journey, creating a capsule for Louis Vuitton and showing his collaborative designs on the Paris runway, we all imagine is a triumph in fashion.

Perish notes, “Anyone can talk about their successes. The least interesting part of anyone’s story to me. I hope that through this conversation people can learn about the mistakes, heartaches and lessons learned between them. The goal of this series is to hear from independents, brands and people like us who have never co-signed. I hope it gives people confidence and a chip on their shoulders to go against the grain and keep doing it.

This stage showcases some of Brett Parish’s most influential roles today. The series has more than 60 episodes with all kinds of tastes. As a growing source for unique dialogue, Perrish invites risk-takers and those who find authenticity in their craft.

„There are going to be scary moments when you think about it,” Dhillon says. „’Is it worth it? Is it wrong?’ You have to take a leap, believe in yourself, commit yourself to your goals and visions. Half-baked is not successful”

Dhillon has taken a leap with KitSuper, and aside from his years of antics in marketing and promoting his brand. Dhillon’s stories of performing crazy stunts only fill the details of his newly minted fashion status, with Paris Fashion Week being one of his biggest stunts. KitSuper is a „childlike sense of wonder,” Dhillon says Homemade tastes best Interviewing a moment-defining designer like Dhillon pours back into their audience with curious ideas for the buzz in all of us.

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