The Secretary of Science and Technology of the province visited the industrial potential of Villa Maria

At noon today, municipal officials held a press conference at the Municipal Technoteca, with the Secretary of Science and Technology of the Ministry of Production, Science and Technological Innovation of the Province of Córdoba, Gabriel Raya Donetti, on various aspects. Raya Donetti's visit to our town.

In this sense, the tour began at the Eva Peron Community Pool, where the summer school takes place. Raya Donetti said: “We went to the pond with the Science and Technology Implementation Team and the Mobile Lab for a summer program aimed at teaching what science is and what to do in science through games. Actions”.

„Then, we went to the National Technical University (UTN) where we reviewed the work agenda for 2024, analyzing the possible installation of a science-university camp for boys and girls from the UTN, but also from the National Villa University Maria and ESIL,” Raya Donetti He also said.

Likewise, the provincial government team visited the works done on the UTN property, where the headquarters of the in-house catering center will be built, various universities and the association of the provincial government, as well as everything related to the knowledge economy and law. The application and collaboration between the Scientific and Technological Organization, the Villa María Municipality and the Provincial Government brings all the relevant benefits to local companies.

Villa Maria is the industrial hub

During the press conference, Gabriel Raya Donetti revealed: „Villa Maria is one of our industrial centers and one of the most advanced technology in production, especially in the dairy industry and primary production. From the Secretariat of Science and Technology, we work with all technologies that can be sent or transferred to industry, but primary We start with the generation of basic knowledge that represents production and livestock production.

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In the same way, he said, Villa Maria is a strategic work point and very important to bring science and technology to the hinterland of the province. „For us, agriculture, food and Industry 4.0 are all strategic axes for socio-productive development,” concluded the provincial secretary.

They were accompanied by Secretary of Internal Affairs, Agustin Turletti Mino; his counterpart of Education and Equity, Adela Guidertelli; Undersecretary for Productivity Development, German Denedini and Councilor Yaslil Ozus.

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