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Contrary to the perception that smart homes are complex and for technical experts, today they are more accessible than ever. Now every aspect of our home can be connected in a simple way, without the need for complicated installations, and you can start making your home a safer and more efficient place.

This is new Smart Things HouseThe evolution of our showroom in our offices in Mexico City, special guests will enjoy Samsung’s connected experiences because they can’t imagine the true impact of the ecosystem until they try it for themselves.

Our inventions are smarter when they work together, which is why this home demonstrates the integration of devices that allow for personalized moments with the people who matter most to us.

So, at Smartings House, we have all our solutions enabling connected experience from smartphones and tablets. Refrigerators And smart laundry centers, smart TVs, projectors, robot vacuum cleaners and even Coolers.

Those responsible for mobile products (smartphones, tablets, etc.) Wearables), screens and monitors and home appliances; With external collaborations (Yale, Philips, Xbox, etc.) it demonstrates how Samsung interacts with some of the brands most loved by our customers.

Each of these solutions strives to achieve our goal of „redefining the perfect life”, providing an easy-to-connect and easy-to-use ecosystem. Kue We have divided it into five main pillars: Security, Comfort, Setting up, Carefully Y Energy saving.

Let’s start SecurityA SmartThings house includes cameras, sensors, doorbells, and badges from friendly countries (like Ring and Yale), all of which connect to the SmartThings app to control the home. Skilled oh pill. Additionally, Samsung Knox privacy solutions ensure that this personal data is always protected.

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Smart solutions continue Comfort, includes notifications and controls for remote monitoring of home appliances; Means less time to do household chores like washing, cleaning and shopping.

Added comfort Setting upWith ideas and solutions that enhance entertainment and introduce routines, the smart home automatically creates the ideal environment when we come home, so we can step in and relax after a day at work with the desired lighting and temperature.

We continue with the pillar CarefullyA to improve health with exercise routines Smart TV or on a smartphone; And even with feeding solutions, create recipes and prepare healthy meals more efficiently.

Finally, there is the present Save EnergyIt’s on stage Smart stuff That translates into savings and greater energy efficiency, including light control, artificial intelligence-powered power-saving modes, and consumption monitoring to estimate monthly usage.

Therefore, we have completely revamped the user-centric experience with a home experience that places our products as partners in our customers’ daily lives. From the living room to the play area, the new Smart Things House proves that the homes of the future should be open to everyone.

Ultimately, all people have different tastes, interests and needs, and the devices we use should suit us, not us them. These are the personalized experiences that already exist in our Smartings House, where our entire connected ecosystem resides.

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