The Queen, The King and Princess of Wales: Tatler’s July 2024 cover completes historic royal family

Tatler Celebrating the art of portraiture for the past three years, each year a historical portrait has been commissioned to celebrate a member of the royal family as they enter a new era.

First, Tatler He commissioned a portrait of Queen Elizabeth II to commemorate the Platinum Jubilee in 2022. Completed by Nigerian artist Oluwole Omofemi, the painting did more than celebrate the late monarch; It celebrated the symbolic and unifying role of the Commonwealth and the Queen within it. The cheerful image, depicting Queen Elizabeth in a colorful floral gown against a yellow background, won critical acclaim and was exhibited at Sotheby’s. Power & Image: Royal Portraiture & Iconography.

There was no question about who should be on the cover TatlerA second portrait special in 2023. With King Charles III having been crowned a month earlier, headmaster Richard Tennen recruited a young, ambitious and talented artist. Sarah Knights is the perfect candidate. His cover of King Charles III marked a new moment in the history of the British monarchy and Commonwealth; Bearing all the hallmarks of tradition and still looking forward. The knights depicted his majesty facing the east and said, 'The rising of the sun, a new dawn.’ Tatler At the time. 'I think it’s important to portray the king as confident and articulate.’

born from Tatler’s Jubilee and Coronation Paintings, a new artists’ residency created in association with the King’s Foundation. Announced earlier this year, The Akoje Residency was founded by rugby star Maro Idoje and his business partner Khalil Agar, inviting African, Caribbean and diaspora artists to focus their artistic practice at Dumfries House in Scotland.

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The final portrait of this triptych was created in conjunction with this exciting new development. As Helen Roslin asks in the July 2024 cover story, 'What better way to show our support than to choose our much-loved and much-respected Princess of Wales as our subject – and who better to paint her than fellow mother-of-three, British-Zambian artist Hannah Uzar?’

Here, Looking back in full 3D…

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