Artist longs for Pedro Pascal to return to Margate exhibition

  • By Christian Fuller
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The Last of Us actor visited the seaside town of Margate to visit an exhibition dedicated to him

An artist said it would be „very special” if Pedro Pascal returned to visit his art exhibition dedicated to him – after the Hollywood star arrived to find the gallery closed.

The Last of Us actor was left disappointed after visiting the set in Margate, Kent on Sunday.

Creator Heidi Gentle said Burrell „would be great to meet him” after spending so much time at his work.

„Of course, it would be wonderful if he came back,” he said.

The exhibition at Rhodes Art Gallery, called ADHD Hyperfixation & Why It Looks Like I Love Pedro Pascal, is made up of 14 pieces – a mix of paintings and drawings.

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Heidi Gentle Burrell’s work was inspired by Hollywood stardom

Ms Burrell said: „I think every artist feels the same way. You never do anything for validation, but we’re only human, so to have someone appreciate what you’ve done is, of course, an absolutely lovely feeling.

„Of course, if he comes back and sees it, that would be wonderful, and I want to reassure him that I’m not freaking out and that it’s part of my commitment to boring him about ADHD.

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Jessica Rhodes Rapp, who owns and operates the gallery, said she was „devastated” that the Narcos and The Mandalorian actor couldn’t get in.

Ms Burrell, 45, said in an ideal world she would draw Pascal instead of online pictures, sitting face-to-face.

„Fortunately, there are amazingly large-scale photographs of Pascal available, so this was the best I could get, and you could get him from every angle,” he said.

„But of course, nothing beats the real thing when you’re trying to capture something or someone — and that’s great.”

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