The paradox of the blue economy

However, gender inequality in blue industries remains significant, reaching 80-85% in certain areas in favor of men. This gap leads to the loss of skilled and talented women professionals for the blue economy and its sustainable aquaculture, renewable energy, blue carbon and marine bio-prospecting.

So, the important question is – what can we do to promote blue economy careers and careers for women professionals?

Gen Z appreciates flexibility

Youth are our future and they are our present. An alarming trend is the exodus of young people in northern Norway and beyond – young people from all over Europe tend to move to big cities, attracted by the urban vibe. But do we know much about their motivations?

The generation born between 1997-2012 is often referred to as Generation Z. These young people are now aged 11-26 – current and future students and young professionals. Gen Z are digital natives who appreciate virtual reality: about 46% of teens now say they are Online on an almost constant basis.

Entering the job market, Gen Z is looking for better work-life balance and more flexibility Hybrid and online work options. Naturally, Gen Z looks to jobs like bloggers, influencers and digital experts; And they prefer urban lifestyles because of the opportunities for education, employment opportunities, culture and diversity.

Generation Z doesn’t dream of climbing the corporate ladder, but pursues their goals and ambitions, such as building a personal brand or finding a job that fits their lifestyle, easily leaving jobs that don’t meet their expectations. The opportunity market in small coastal communities does not always offer such options.

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The paradox of the blue economy

Humanity looks to the deep ocean waters with hope and curiosity. There are great opportunities to provide the world with much needed clean energy, nutrition, desalinated water and new medicine.

However, the blue economy needs talented, skilled people to reap these opportunities, and the future will not be bright until the barriers are addressed.

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