The newborn’s photo shoot goes viral for his hilarious grumpy expression

When the baby was just 7 days old, his mother had him professionally photographed.

A newborn baby’s photo shoot in Cincinnati, Ohio, has gone viral after the photographer shared photos of the baby’s hilariously annoyed expression online.

Trent was just 7 days old when his mother, Jessica Mundy, took him for a photo shoot with photographer Lauren Carson earlier this month.

Carson later posted pictures of the trend on her photo account Facebook He also shared why this particular photo shoot stood out to him compared to others he’s done in the past.

„I’ve been photographing newborns for a decade and have photographed hundreds of babies that have given me tons of great exposure,” she wrote in the post last week. „But nothing, I mean I don’t compare[d] To the look this sweet boy threw my way.”

The post immediately gained viral attention, attracting more than 150,000 likes and counting.

In an interview with „Good Morning America,” Carson shared that the photo shoot started out as a very common newborn photo.

„The mom brought the baby in and he was awake early on,” Carson explained. „So we went ahead, swept him up, got them ready…we put them down and went with it.”

„He started making those faces,” Carson explained of how Trent posed for the camera [I] When they arrived, they started catching them. I tried to capture all the expressions I could with newborns because they can be unpredictable sometimes.”

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Contrary to what was captured in the pictures, Carson said that Trent was not actually grumpy during the photo shoot.

„He was very satisfied,” she explained. „He wasn’t fussy. He didn’t make any crying noises or any sign that he was really uncomfortable or upset. He was just looking at us… he was like a little baby.”

Throughout her experience as a newborn photographer, Carson told „GMA,” in terms of exposure, Trent is a „much more expressive” baby than she’s worked with before.

„I’ve gotten a lot of expressions and smiles and, you know, awkward faces and things like that over the years, but nothing is as consistent as his, especially with eye contact,” he added. „He had amazing eye contact with expressions.”

When Trent started making facial expressions during the photo shoot, Carson said he and Trent’s mom started laughing, and Mandy told her the facial expressions were normal for a baby.

„He’s made those faces before,” Carson recalled Mundy telling her.

Once she shared it online, Carson said the photos quickly gained attention, with millions of views so far, and the responses she received were „overwhelming.”

„A lot of people find it very funny,” he said. „A lot of people are commenting on what he’s thinking at the moment, you know, he looks like a bit of a grumpy old man.”

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Carson explained how other parents have interacted with baby Trent’s photos.

„People were sharing pictures of their own kids making funny faces,” Carson said, „so it was really fun for me to watch from my side.”

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