The new Volkswagen Golf 2024 faces the end of its development, which looks like an expected update of the German compact

The Volkswagen compact will undergo a major facelift. A mid-cycle update that allows the eighth generation to face its business life head on. The new Volkswagen Golf 2024 was practically photographed without being revealed. The development is now in its final phase.

The time has come for compact fireproofing Volkswagen Updated with a very important tune-up. A facelift as a mid-cycle refresh to allow the eighth generation to face its upcoming commercial life. In recent months, we have had the opportunity to get a closer look at its development process on several occasions. New Volkswagen Golf 2024.

While sustainable mobility is central, Volkswagen is devoting large resources to the growing IT family. Among electric vehicles, the Golf is a symbol of Volkswagen’s power on the Old Continent. That’s why any kind of modification or adjustment that this model might undergo deserves our full attention. Also, we have to remember that it has held the title of best selling car in Europe for many years.

The new Volkswagen Golf was photographed with practically no camouflage

Spy photos of the new Volkswagen Golf 2024

Once again we can The new Golf is approaching development tests in 2024. A few experiments facing the final stretch in southern Europe. The German company is using the last days of summer to complete the final details of the development process of the most important update in terms of exterior design, technology and dynamics.

The prototype hunted by our spy photographers lacked camouflage. At first glance it may seem like a complete revelation. However, if we focus on the front, we will find a small amount of camouflage on both ends of the lower grille. And at the back, the taillights are still partially covered.

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There’s no doubt that Volkswagen has done a great job as the camouflage goes perfectly unnoticed. In any case, the fact that the new Golf is seen almost „naked” during daylight hours is a clear sign that the development is moving in the right direction, and that it is already facing the final stretch. During the remaining months of the year, tests will be conducted before its commencement.

Volkswagen Golf 2024 - Rear Spy Photo
The new Volkswagen Golf will reach dealerships in 2024

New Volkswagen Golf 2024’s (Electrified) Engines

Beyond the exterior design changes, which mainly focus on the headlights and bumpers, What really matters is inside and under the hood. The cabin has undergone a thorough review Turn the Golf into a digital and connected car. It will introduce touchscreen and infotainment system. In this preview of the new Golf’s interior, we show you what the updated cabin looks like.

Under the hood, as we pointed out, there will be changes as well. Future Euro 7 regulations have forced Volkswagen to scrap manual transmission versions of the Golf. All engines are mated to the classic dual-clutch DSG automatic gearbox. Additionally, and importantly, all engines will be electrified to a greater or lesser degree. There will be versions with 48-volt mild hybrid (MHEV) technology and with Plug-in Hybrid Technology (PHEV).

When will it hit the market? The debut and commercial launch of the new Golf is set for spring 2024. To implement all these changes, the German manufacturer has decided to postpone the entry into the updated compact scene.

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