The Move Forward party is leading Pew Thai by a wide margin in the latest polls

The Move Forward Party leads the Pheu Thai Party by a wide margin in terms of popularity, particularly among the under-20s and 20-29-year-olds, although a majority say they will not vote for either party in the next election. , according to the Super Survey.

Meanwhile, the NIDA survey found that 39.4% of respondents reject the claim that Pheu Thai is the leader of change, while 18.85% say they do not trust Pheu Thai and 33.67% believe Pheu Thai is the leader. Change in Thai society.

The Super Poll Research Center polled the opinions of 1,154 people from various industries and professions from April 15 to 20.

In the poll, 45.1% of men and 46.1% of women said they would not vote for Move Forward or Buy Thai, but would vote for other parties. 37.3% of women and 37% of men say they will vote for Move Forward. 17.9% of males and 16.6% of females say they will vote for Pheu Thai.

An interesting aspect of the survey results is that 76.2% of respondents under the age of 20 are in favor of moving forward, but popularity declines with age. 48.9% of 20-29 year olds prefer to move forward. 34.2% of 30-39-year-olds say they would vote to move forward, and the percentage favoring the party declines with age.

For the Pheu Thai party, age has no effect on how the respondents vote, but as people get older, they tend to vote for other parties and neither move forward nor show Pheu Thai.

By profession, 69.2% of students and 43.5% of the unemployed say they will vote to move forward, while 14.6% of farmers favor Pheu Thai. 56% of government officials say they will not vote for Move Forward or Buy Thai. 39.9% of private sector office workers said they would vote for Move Forward, while 48.4% of freelancers said they would vote for neither party.

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Meanwhile, 32.98% of respondents to the NIDA poll said it was unlikely for Pew Thai to win the next election, while 21.14% said it was possible.

The NIDA poll was conducted from April 9 to 11 among 1,310 people on the topic of Thaksin's role and the Pew Thai Party's prospects in the next election.

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