The Minister of Science and Technology appreciates the contributions of scientists to the productive development of the country

Gabriela Jimenez Ramírez, vice president of the Department of Science, Technology, Education and Health (citations), sees scientific knowledge as a guide for the country’s productive development.

The report was released after scientists were recognized at the National Science, Technology and Innovation Awards 2023.

on his social networking account

„Through science, invention, technology and research, we have recognized the labor and effort of the Venezuelan people, who have been protagonists of the development of the homeland. Today, scientific knowledge is the light that guides the processes of national development in all parts of the country,” he published.

He emphasized that the Bolivarian homeland „appreciates the work of its scientists, inventors, famous technicians and scientific workers”.

In another news, he informed that the winners of the National Science, Technology and Innovation Awards received a replica of Dr. Humberto Fernandez Moran’s Diamond Scalpel.

„In the name of President Nicolás Maduro and the people of Venezuela, the most important Venezuelan scientists receive a copy of the diamond scalpel of Dr. Humberto Fernández Moran as the highest recognition at the XIX edition of the National Science and Technology Awards. , he revealed.

For his part, Defense Minister Vladimir Padrino López shared a message and video on his social networks with Frigate Captain and Doctor Liz Kelly Alvarez Aller, creating biological prostheses in surgical procedures.

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„Here I am with frigate captain and doctor Liz Kelly Alvarez Auler, who received the Special Prize for Science and Technology for her ingenuity in the use of bioprosthetics in surgical procedures. She is an example of a whole national effort that wants comprehensive freedom for our country. Let’s keep it up! Congratulations!” The minister said.

About this sovereign and independent technique Dr. Liz explained that for this procedure she used xenografts, tissue from other organisms, to reconstruct the male urethra; What matters is that the fabric is processed and manufactured. I did the surgery 22 months ago and the patient is urinating normally.

This Wednesday, December 20, the Bolivarian Government and the Ministry of Popular Power for Science and Technology hosted the 2023 National Science, Technology and Innovation Awards Ceremony from the April 17 Auditorium, Francisco de Miranda, Miranda. Government, to recognize the practice, work, national scientific culture and science of Venezuela.

Communications Management Office of the Ministry of Popular Power for Science and Technology / Journalist: Rosiris Ortega Ortiz-Photos Natel Ramirez.

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