The Love Island Australia star left her ex-boyfriend Harrison Boone after finding someone much closer

By Jimmy Briggs for Daily Mail Australia

07:06 08 November 2023, Updated 07:06 08 November 2023

A Love Island Australia star got the shock of her life on Tuesday’s episode when someone very close to her MAFS star’s ex-boyfriend appeared on the show.

Abby Miller, 23, joined the reality show when her co-star Jack revealed Kirra Schofield — sister of Married at First Sight bride Bronte — was in the cast.

Abby doesn’t take the news well, having dated Brontë’s ex-partner Harrison Boone just before signing up for the dating experiment.

’Girra has been in MAFS. She ain’t married nobody, she screamed somebody for her sister,’ Jack told Abby.

’Her sister Bronte Schofield? Are you f**king kidding me, are you serious?’ A distraught Abby yelled before leaving.

Love Island Australia star Abby Miller (pictured) got the shock of her life on Tuesday night’s episode when she heard someone very close to her MAFS star’s ex-boyfriend was appearing on the show.

’What the f**k? No, I don’t want to do it anymore,’ Abbie is heard saying off-camera, as two of her co-stars console her and try to convince her to stay.

Back in January, Abby was announced as the girl at the center of MAFS’ scandalous love triangle, and she broke her silence and hinted that she wanted to spill more 'hot tea’.

Harrison’s fairytale marriage to Brontë at MAFS fell apart after one of her friends told her that a 'secret lover’ was waiting for Harrison outside the show – she was later identified as Abby.

Abby joined the reality show, which also stars Married at First Sight bride Bronte’s sister Kirra Schofield (pictured).

Abby, who stars on The Bachelor, shared a cheeky selfie on Instagram hours after the premiere aired, captioning the post with a 'tea’ emoji.

The emoji apparently refers to the phrase 'spill the tea’, which is a slang word for gossip, and Abby is getting ready to share more details about her fling with Harrison.

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Father-of-one Abby is told that if things don’t work out with his MAFS bride, there are chances of them rekindling things in the future.

Abby doesn’t take the news well, having previously dated Brontë’s former MAFS partner Harrison Boone, just before she signed on to MAFS. Pictured: MAFS stars Harrison and Bronte

Abby recently broke her silence about how she felt when she found out she would be appearing on the show with Kirra and admitted: 'I wasn’t happy when I found out’.

’Then when I found out about it, I had an idea and I was like, well. It’s not as big a deal as I thought when I first found out, so I felt good when I walked into the villa,” he said. 9 entertainment.

New Love Island Australia episodes air Monday to Thursday at 6pm on 9Now.

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